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Actual theme: Historical education in Russian regions

A.V. Damdinov, N.S. Lamueva. Buryat State University named after Dorzhi Banzarov. History of formation and modern development (1932-2022).
The article is devoted to the Buryat State University named after Dorzhi Banzarov from the history of its origin, development and current state for 90 years of its existence from 1932 to 2022, about its contribution to the Victory during the Great Patriotic War, about the reorganization of the institute into a university and its transformation into the ranks of the leading classical universities of the country. The most important component of the Buryat State University was its extensive regional and international cooperation. Today it is one of the leading universities in the Republic of Buryatia.
Keywords: Agricultural pedagogical institute, buryat-mongolian, buryat, Pedagogical institute, teachers, students, departments, courses, the Great Patriotic war, certificate of honor, Dorji Banzarov, faculties, reorganization, memorial, cooperation, international activities, consortium.

O.N. Polyanskaya. Traditions of eastern education in Russia. Formation of the Mongolian scholar D. Banzarov (1822-1855).
The article represents the main milestones of the biography of the scientist, Mongolian Studies Scholar Dorji Banzarov, who played an important role in the development of scientific Mongolian studies, in the context of the development of oriental education in Russia in the XIX-XX centuries. D. Banzarov — a vivid example of a man who has passed all the steps in the structure of oriental education of the first half of the XIX century. This fact must be remembered, and the memory about Dorzhi Bansarov necessary to pass to the younger generation, perpetuating his name in the names of educational institutions, scientific societies.
Keywords: Mongolian studies in Russia, Kazan University, The First Kazan gymnasium, Russian-Mongolian School in Troitskosavsk, D. Banzarov, О.М. Kovalevsky, A.V. Popov, A.M. Pozdneev.

History and Society

V.V. Nomogoeva, L.B. Ivanova. Formation of the system of higher pedagogical education in Buryatia.
The article analyzes the contribution of the Buryat State Pedagogical Institute, the first higher pedagogical educational institution in the national regions of Siberia and the Far East, to the socio-economic and cultural development of the republic. The main stages of formation of the system of higher pedagogical education in Buryatia have been studied. The study showed that the Institute over the years of its existence has played a decisive role in the training of teaching staff for the republic and has become the basis of social, economic and cultural growth.
Keywords: higher education, higher school, Buryat-Mongolia, Buryat State Pedagogical Institute, Buryat state university.

B.V. Bazarov, A.M. Plekhanov, E.V. Nolev. At the origins of academic science in Buryatia: Buryat-Mongolian scientific committee.
The article is devoted to the description of the history of the first scientific institution of Buryatia. The Buryat-Mongolian Scientific Committee (Buruchkom), established in July 1922, was designed to promote the national-cultural construction in Buryat-Mongolia while focusing on research and educational tasks. Nevertheless, Buruchkom organized the studies of Buryat history, archaeology, spiritual and material culture, language and religion, and started field work as well. A significant portion of its activities was initially directed towards translation of educational and socio-political literature into the Buryat language, related terminological and lexical studies, preparation and publication of teaching materials, such as textbooks and teaching manuals for Buryat-Mongolian schools. Having accomplished an important objective of laying the foundations of science in the region, it has now become a leading academic center of the Republic, known for its research in the arts and humanities.
Keywords: USSR, science & technique, Buryat-Mongolian Scientific Committee, Institute for Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Republic of Buryatia.

A.N. Balakirev. Epoch of pioneer meetings (to the 100th anniversary of the All-Union Pioneer Organization named after V.I. Lenin).
The article is devoted to a retrospective analysis of ten All-Union Pioneer Meetings held in the period from 1929 to 1990 in the USSR. The relevance of the topic is due, first of all, to the stable and ever-growing interest of the public in such a phenomenon of the world children’s movement as the All-Union Pioneer Organization, as well as the need to summarize the rich scientific and methodological experience accumulated over the decades of active activity of young pioneers. The materials of the article can be used in the preparation of basic programs for students of specialized historical and public-humanitarian classes of secondary schools, as well as in the development of optional courses for college students.
Keywords: All-Union pioneer organization named after Lenin, All-Union meeting of young pioneers, children’s movement, Timur movement, Union of pioneer organizations (Federation of children’s organizations) of the USSR.

S.Z. Akhmadulina, T.D. Dorzhieva. Folklore and ethnographic expeditions of the USSR Academy of sciences to the Mongolian people’s republic in the 1960-1980s.
The article is devoted to the analysis of folklore and ethnographic expeditions of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences to the Mongolian People’s Republic in the 60-80s of the twentieth century. The relevance of this topic is determined by the close scientific ties that exist between Russia and Mongolia, the insufficient study of the expedition materials of the designated chronological period. The expeditions organized in the second half of the XX century give us the opportunity to trace the process of development of scientific relations between the two countries, to supplement the process of studying MNR with new facts through the prism of archival materials. Currently, there is a trend of active development of interstate relations between Russia and Mongolia.
Keywords: expedition, folklore, ethnography, Mongolian People’s Republic, USSR Academy of Sciences.

A.M. Shoydonova, A.A. Ochirov. Ethno-regional features of civic-patriotic education in Buryatia (2000-2021).
The civic-patriotic development of society and the individual is of paramount importance in today’s realities. The authors studies what specific activities are being implemented at the federal and regional levels to create conditions for the education of a modern personality. The article discusses the process of creating an integral system of patriotic education for 2000-2021.
Keywords: upbringing, domestic policy, patriotism, citizenship, public organizations.


J.K. Chimitova, M.G. Tsyrenova, A.B. Dambueva. Methodological project «Irbis journey through Buryatia» as a tool for the formation of local knowledge.
The most important task of the state policy of the Russian Federation is the formation of civil-patriotic qualities in the younger generation. The authors believe that enriching students with knowledge about their native land, its history and culture contributes to the formation of civic and patriotic concepts in the minds of students. The developed methodological tool has a significant educational and creative potential, contributes to an accessible and interesting presentation of local history material, a comprehensive impact on the development of a child’s personality, the formation of worldview and moral guidelines.
Keywords: local history, personal results, federal state educational standard of basic general education, patriotic education, meta-subject results.

M.G. Tsyrenova, T.A. Bogomoeva. Tasks for the development and diagnosis of financial literacy at social studies lessons: from professional experience.
The article deals with the formation of financial literacy in schoolchildren, the design of practical tasks and the role of their use during social studies lessons. Examples of tasks are given. They are focused on such life situations as «Pyramid», «How to choose a loan and not regret», «Bank card». The characteristics of these tasks and the evaluation system in accordance with the criteria are given.
Keywords: financial literacy, practical tasks, diagnostics, problems, personal experience.

N.O. Dvoynishnikova. Master class dedicated to the 200th birth anniversary of the first Buryat scientist Dorji Banzarov: a worthy son of the Buryat people.
The article presents the methodological development of an extracurricular event, which won the 1st prize in the Republican competition for the best lesson dedicated to the 200th birth anniversary of the first Buryat scientist Dorji Banzarov.
Keywords: historical personality, Buryat scientist, historical memory.

Young scientists’ works

Z.Z. Tsyrendashiev. History of secondary general education in the new cities of Buryatia (1950-1980s).
The article deals with the main aspects of secondary general education in new-built towns of Buryatia in 1950s — 1980s. The issues of school construction, repairs, material and technical provision, academic performance are analyzed on the basis of archival materials. The author identifies the peculiarities of young settlements and concludes that the limited material resources of schools, led to their close cooperation with the enterprises and organizations of the city.
Keywords: secondary general education, new cities, school feeding, general education institutions, learning achievement, teaching and learning.

S.M. Isakov. Children’s and youth press in Siberia in the 1920s — 1930s as an element of the upbringing of the «new human».
The article is devoted to the peculiarities of the formation of materials for children’s magazines in Siberia in the 1920s. The author examines the peculiarities of the development of the system of children’s and youth periodicals, touches upon the problem of ideological pressure on the children’s press, the formation of patriotic education of children through the media.
Keywords: children’s press, magazines, mass media, comrade, Pionerskaya Pravda, Komsomoliya.

T.L. Odorova, A.I. Konyaev. Provision of the Soviet school of Buryatia with educational and methodological literature (1920-1930).
In the article examines the features of the publication of educational literature published mainly in the Buryat language. Publishing activity was carried out in 1923-1928 Buryat Scientific Committee, and later — Buryat State Publishing House. Before the first reform of writing, the old Mongolian language was used in books; since 1931 — the Latin alphabet and since 1939 — the Russian alphabet. The first experiments in the field of educational book publishing are associated with the release of alphabets, books for reading, task books.
Keywords: educational literature, school, book publishing, Buryatia, Mongolian writing, writing reform, Buryat language.

S.V. Vasilyeva, E.N. Peshnyaeva. The history of BSPI-BSU in the scientific heritage: a bibliographic index to the 90th anniversary of the university.
Information about the unique bibliographic index «History of BSPI-BSU in the scientific heritage».
Keywords: Buryat state university, scientific heritage, bibliographic index.

Опубликовано в Журнал в 2022 году.

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