Magazine’s content № 9 2018

Actual theme: Modern textbook on national history

O.N. Shaparina. Implementation of the requirements of state educational standards in modern textbooks on national history.
The author analyzes the requirements of standards for modern textbooks of the history of Russia and their implementation on the basis of the methodical apparatus of textbooks for the VI class.
Keywords: textbooks on the history of Russia, system-activity approach, methodical apparatus of the textbook, educational standards.

History and Society

A.V. Juravel. «Brotherhood» contrary to «fatherhood»? Succession to power in Old Rus (IX-XV century).
The article examines how the relationship between the terms «brotherhood» and «fatherhood» determined the course of the succession of power in Old Rus up to the 15th century.
Keywords: succession to power, otchina (patrilineal succession), stareyshinstvo (seniority within a brotherhood), brotherhood, intestine wars, Mstislav Vladimirovich, Vsevolod Olgovich, part in the Russian land, Dmitry.

M.M. Panteleev. Fulvio Suvich — fascist diplomat.
In this article the author examines the role of fascist diplomat Fulvio Suvich in Italy’s foreign policy.
Keywords: Fulvio Suvich, Mussolini, italian fascism, foreign policy, nazism, zionist movement.

B.A. Atchkinasi. The Crimean frontier Ivan Savin (еo the problem of volunteeringin the White army).
The problem of volunteering in the White Army is considered by the example of the personality of Ivan Savin, an active participant in the Civil War in the South of Russia, which representatives of the first wave of emigration was perceived as the «White dream of the poet».
Keywords: volunteer, Voluntary army, White motion, revolution, emigration, world view, idealism, religious.

V.A. Dmitriev. The Reflection of the History of Ancient Iran in the School Course of Ancient History.
The material on Ancient Iran which is contained in the textbook on Ancient History for V grade of secondary school, is analyzed in the present article. It is concluded that the textbook allows students to gain the general (though fragmental) idea about the civilization of Ancient Iran, but some positions require further correction.
Keywords: textbook, ancient history, Ancient Iran, historical education, secondary school, 5th grade.


Y.V. Pershina. Lesson «The price of Victory of the USSR in the Great Patriotic war» (X grade).
The article gives an example of the development of modern lesson of Russia history in accordance with the FGOS and Historical and cultural standard.
Keywords: workshop lesson, price of Victory, heroes of the Kirov region.

S.A. Tikhankina. Project «Liberators» as an instrument of preserving memory about the tragic events of the Great Patriotic War and the Holocaust.
The author shows the results of the implementation of the project dedicated to the finding names of the liberators of the death camp of Auschwitz, the role of the Red Army in the leberation of the prisoners.
Keywords: project, liberation, prisoners, death camp, Auschwitz, Oswiecim, Holocaust, rifle division.

O.A. Donskaya. Finding the goal — an experience of extracting different problems searching historical sources.
In this article the content of Workshop is presented. The Workshop was shown at the annual Teacher Competition. It reflects the author’s experience in constructing different forms of educative activities basing on a problem approach and researching of historical sources.
Keywords: Middle ages, researching, researching activities in school, problem-based approach, thinking skills, study of historical sources, master-сlass, workshop.

E.N. Abdulaev, A.Yu. Morozov. Historical modeling. Blocks summarizing topics on the history of the Fatherland.
Methodical material on the history of the Fatherland with illustrative content.
Keywords: historical modeling, history of the Fatherland, generalization blocks.

Uniform State Exam

A.M. Lebedkov. Unified state exam on social and humanitarian disciplines: complex of unsolved problems.
The article is devoted to social, pedagogical and methodical problems of USE. Given article deals with the issue of quality of the expert assessment of the USE tasks with not-given answers in History and Social Studies.
Keywords: unified state exam, exam verification standards, approbation , expert assessment.

 Young scientists’ works

E-G. Oprya. The idea of federalism and its development.
In the article considered by the well-known Romanian politician AK. Popovichem project to transform the dualistic Austro-Hungary into a constitutional federal monarchy, and explain the reasons for the failure of the implementation of this project on the eve of the First world war.
Keywords: A.K. Popovich, Austria-Hungary, federal monarchy, national state.

A.V. Orlova. The theory of solidarity as one of the possible basic concepts of international and geopolitical cooperation modern states.
Attempt to consider the theory of socio-cultural ctisis of solidarity as one of the possible basic concepts of international and geopolitical cooperation modern states.
Keywords: soliarism, social instability, political justice, the sanctity of power, sanctification of power, mechanical solidarity.

S.V. Nikitin. Activities of Law Enforcement Agencies of the USSR against the Nationalist Underground in Soviet Latvia after its Liberation from Nazi Occupiers.
The author of the publication proved that the activities of law enforcement agencies of the USSR in Soviet Latvia after the liberation from the German occupiers were aimed at neutralizing the resistance of the Latvian nationalist underground and ensuring sustainable socio-economic development of the republic.
Keywords: Latvian SSR, NKVD-NKGB of the USSR, law enforcement agencies, German secret services, Nazi agents and saboteurs.

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