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Actual theme: Analysis of educational and methodological complexes of a new generation in history

O.N. Shaparina. Modern educational and methodical complex on the national history: structure and content.
In the article, the historical-methodical analysis of the modern teaching and methodological complex on the history of the country has been carried out for the first time, which will help the teacher in preparing and conducting lessons.
Keywords: training and metodology complex, Federal state educational standard, Historical and cultural standard, system-activity approach.

History and Society

S.E. Lazarev. «The one who played Chapaev». To the 115th anniversary from the birthday of B.A. Babochkin.
In the article based on archival documents and memoirs of contemporaries examines the life and career of an outstanding artist Boris Andreyevich Babochkin, known to audiences for her role in eponymous movie Chapaev.
Keywords: Boris Andreyevich Babochkin, Bolshoi drama theatre named after M. Gorky, Vasilyev brothers, the Great Patriotic war, cinema, Leningrad academic drama theatre named after A.S. Pushkin, Small theatre, «Native fields», «Chapaev».

E.B. Bespyatova. Some aspects of the innovative approach to the presentation of the topic «The Soviet Union and the World: Development Paradigms» in the teaching of the discipline «History».
The article highlights the social significance of the competences of behavioral orientation, provided by the problem content of the lectures. It is concluded that an analysis of the theoretical interpretation of the NEP contributes to the development of social identity and the comprehension of scientific truth.
Keywords: NEP, innovative technologies, problem lecture.

V.N. Zamulin, V.V. Zamulin. How to liberate the city of the first salute (ending).
In the article on extensive documentary material from the Russian and foreign archives, much of which is introduced into scientific circulation for the first time, analyzes the issues related to combat actions of the troops of the Steppe front for the liberation of Belgorod from the German invaders in August 1943.
Keywords: battle of Kursk, operation «Commander Rumyantsev», the liberation of Belgorod, the first salute, I.S. Konev.

E.N. Panin, S.V. Nikitin. The Subversive Activity of the Nazi Secret Services in the Latvian SSR during 1940-1941.
The topic researched by the authors has important political significance. The authors studied and proved the essence of the German military-political influence on the domestic political events in Latvia before the Second World War.
Keywords: Germany, german special services, subversive activity, nationalist underground, Latvia, Latvian nationalists, fascists, crimes.

A.I. Tetuev. Formation and development of local self-government during the period of systemic transformation of Russian society.
Regional peculiarities of the formation and development of local self-government as institutes of civil society are revealed. The problems that prevent the formation of local self-government are revealed.
Keywords: local self-government, state, law, reform, features, civil society.

E.A. Yalozina. Genesis of Russian General education in the context of history the enlightenment of the XVIII century.
The sources of the national system of universal primary education are considered. The focus is on projects of the Catherine II era, which are based on the principle of universal education. The features and significance of this stage in the history of Russian education are shown.
Keywords: Catherine II, Laid the Commission, I.I. Betsky, the public school, compulsory education.


V.O. Gusakova. Gene of hero. Art panorama and its didactic value in education of pupils.
In the article are described the stages of formation and special features of the development of panoramic art in Russia from F. A. Rubo to the contemporary artists and is opened its didactic value in education of pupils.
Keywords: art panorama, artist, battle, history, sense.

A.E. Larionov, O.Yu. Arend. The Great Patriotic War in the school course of history: the problems of the theoretical content of textbooks.
The Article is devoted to comparative analysis of the quality of the lighting of the history of world war II in school history textbooks recommended by the Ministry of education and science of Russia.
Keywords: history textbook, the Great Patriotic war, the theoretical content, patriotic education.

N.R. Galyaviev. Great geographical discoveries. Integrated lesson for grade VII using meta-subjective tasks.
The original methodological development for VII cells. with the use of assignments meta-subjective orientation (history, mathematics, english).
Keywords: integrated lesson, meta-subject tasks, history, great geographical discoveries.

P.A. Trukhin. Pedagogical conditions for the organization of training sessions in the «Summer Archaeological School».
This article considers the modular approach to organizing high school students educational activity in Summer Archeological School and revels key features of each training module.
Keywords: historical education, additional education, modular training, archaeology, motivation, theoretical studies, practical exercises, field practice.

 Young scientists’ works

V.V. Kulbashnyy. Comparative analysis of the «idea of the nation» in French and Russian conservative thought 1870-1914 years.
The article is devoted to the analysis and comparison of views on the «idea of the nation» in conservative social thought by the example of the works of I. Tan, E. Renan, G. Tard, G. Lebon, M. Barres in France and N.Ya. Danilevsky, N.N. Strakhov, K.N. Leontiev, L.I. Tikhomirov, M.N. Katkov in Russia in 1870-1914 years.
Keywords: nation, nationalism, the idea of the nation, conservatism, Russia, France.

V.G. Faris. Memory of Assyrians participation in the Great Patriotic War as factor supporting ethnic identity of the Moscow Assyrian community.
The author investigates biographies of the Moscow Assyrians — participants of the Great Patriotic War and comes to a conclusion that the memory of Assyrians veterans plays an important role in supporting ethnic identity of the Moscow Assyrian community.
Keywords: assyrians of Moscow, assyrian community, assyrians-veterans, Great Patriotic war, historical memory, ethnic identity.

M.P. Glazkova. National relations in the USSR: specifics of the implementation of state policy (1985-1991).
Reflection of the specifics of the national policy of the USSR in the activities of regional elites, key mechanisms of national policy and their impact on the socio-political life of the USSR during the period of perestroika.
Keywords: international conflicts, separatism, local elites, decentralization of the USSR.

E.A. Tyutina. Design work as an innovative learning activity. Experience of the forum of the student’s asset of the Moscow region.
The author of the article analyzes the fundamentals of the project method: the history of its appearance, the main authors of the method, the practice of application, as well as the current state of the problem of project activity. Uses, as a well-known literature on the topic of the article, so new.
Keywords: method of projects, innovative education, training.

D.A. Garmyshev. The challenges of integration of the North Caucasus into the legal framework of the Russian Empire: the involvement of highlanders into the civil service.
The establishment of Russian supremacy in the Caucasus meant building up mutually beneficial relations with the local population. The most acute problem was the inclusion of highlanders in the Russian legal framework as well as their entry into the civil service.
Keywords: Caucasian war, integration, highlanders.

A.S. Khripunov, А.А. Kornikov. The development of the Bolshevik concept of public education in the pre-revolutionary period (1903-1917).
The article deals with the main program provisions of the Bolshevik Party in the field of education in the pre-revolutionary period. Analysis of the place and role of education in the activities of the Bolsheviks in 1903-1917 is given.
Keywords: Russian Empire, education, political parties, Bolshevism.


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