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Actual theme: Competition School history textbook and socio-political process in Ukraine

V.E. Baghdasaryan. Historical consciousness and political incarnation: Ukrainian scenario.
The article is devoted to the politicization of history textbooks aimed at nurturing students anitrusskih sentiment on the example of modern Ukraine.
Keywords: politicization of history, civilization identichtnost, history textbook.

A.Y. Morozov. History of Crimea in the Ukrainian and Crimean history books: Lessons for Russia.
In this article the author as an example of the Crimea suggests that textbooks can enhance regional separatist sentiment.
Keywords: Contemporary history, textbooks, Ukraine, Crimea.

A.V. Abramov. Ukrainian ethnonationalism and the construction of history.
The article is devoted to the modern nation-building Ukraine on the principle of ethnic nationalism.
Keywords: ethnic nationalism, Ukraine, ideology.

D.D. Bogoyavlenskiy, M.D. Truhin. Modern textbooks of Ukraine on the national question in the Russian Empire in the early twentieth century.
This article is based on an analysis of materials textbooks Ukraine. It presents a reflection of the modern understanding of the authors of the school textbooks of the national question in the Ukrainian lands in the early twentieth century.
Keywords: national policy, Ukraine, Russian Empire, textbook.

D.B. Loskov. The lighting of the heroic pages of the Great Patriotic war in Ukrainian history textbooks.
The article analyzes the main approaches of modern Ukrainian authors of school textbooks to cover the events and processes of the Great Patriotic war.
Keywords: the Great Patriotic war, Ukraine, school, textbook.

S.A. Nasonova. International relations in the 1990-ies of the  ХХ century in school textbooks of Ukraine.
The article examines the most important issues of international relations of the 1990s, described in textbooks of Ukraine. Special attention is paid to the Balkan crisis and the problems of integration in Europe.
Keywords: teaching, school, world history, disintegration SFRY, civil war, peacekeeping, integration.

S.N. Fedorchenko, L.V. Fedorchenko. Textbook as a mechanism for the new political simulacrum?
In this article for a Ukrainian textbooks identified and disclosed manipulative threat to modern students. Information technology impacts are assessed on the Ukrainian textbooks, explained through the theory of Overton Window.
Keywords: political technologies; textbooks; manipulation of consciousness; information warfare; Overton Window.


History and Society

B.N. Naydenko. The roots of the historical unity from Kievan Rus — the XXI century.
This publication is devoted to the history of the first state association of the Eastern Slavs.
Keywords: Kievan Rus, Yaroslav Mudry, the unification of the Eastern Slavs.

V.A. Zemlyanitsyn. On the structure and content of modern textbooks on the history of the Middle Ages.
The author assesses the range of textbooks on the history of the Middle Ages, according to their structure and quality of the material presented.
Keywords: teaching kit, variability of textbooks, the requirements of the standard.

O.V. Zdzvizhkov. Liberation mission of the Red Army in Europe: desacralisation memory.
The article deals with the problem desakralizatsii memory of liberation mission of the Red Army in Europe during the final stage of World War II and took place at the former Soviet Union «war monuments».
Keywords: Great Patriotic war, Libirating mission, historical memory, desacralisation, the war against memorials.

A.B. Sokolov. Socio-cultural approach to history textbooks.
In the article the educational potential of history is stressed; the socio-cultural approach to the school textbook based on its’ analysis as «national narrative», is regarded; the possible features for future history textbooks are marked.
Keywords: school history training, educational potential of history, school textbook.



K.V. Tarnovskaya, D.N. Postnikov. The lesson of history in the XI class on «Big man on the big war».
The material is devoted to the daily lives of soldiers, home front workers, prisoners, ostarbeiters during the Great Patriotic War.
Keywords: The Great Patriotic War, ostarbaiter army of Vlasov, patriotism.

A.E. Pevtsova. Topical issues of international law in the education system.
The article discusses some norms of international law, the study of which seems appropriate in high school social studies in the classroom.
Keywords: international law, legal education, peaceful resolution of conflicts, the rules of warfare.


Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov. Historical and geographical training in the occupied territories and military action in 1944.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the OGE.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.


Young scientists’ works

P.G. Kim. The establishment of diplomatic relations between the US and Korea in the early 1880s.
The article covers the history of the establishment of the first American-Korean diplomatic ties in the early 1880s.
Keywords: US policy in Korea, the «opening» of Korea, international relations in the Far East in the late XIX century.

M.S. Soloviev. The historical approach to the study of the environment in the school.
This  article defines the location of the learning environment in the school course of history and geography. The author defines the interdisciplinary relations of geography and history in studying the interaction between man and nature, environmental history.
Keywords: a historical approach, historical geography, interdisciplinary communication in teaching, interaction of nature and society, teaching methods.


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