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Actual theme: Uniform history textbook

E.E. Vyazemskij.
Historical and cultural standard, uniform history textbook and school history education.
This article analyzes the problems in the conception of a new training complex on the country’s history, a uniform history textbook.

Keywords: historical and cultural standard, a single history textbook, history education.

A.A. Lukutin.
On the concept of uniform and books on the history of Russia.
The author gives an estimate of the attempt to create a uniform history textbook in Russia, resulting proposals for a new school kit on stories.

Keywords: historical and cultural standard, a single history textbook, history education.

O.N. Shaparina.
The problem is a uniform history textbook. A brief overview of the meeting of scientists, educators, teachers of history at the Russian Academy of Education.
The article provides a brief overview of the problems of creating a single history textbook, which were discussed at a meeting of the Russian Academy of Education.

Keywords: the concept of a single history textbook, Russian Academy of Education.


History and Society

V.B. Kolmakov.
As it was possible to prevent a split of Orthodoxy in 1918.
The article deals with the peculiar historical situation that turned out due to attempts of split of the Russian Orthodox Church in South-western Russia in1917-1919.

Key words: religion, Russian orthodox church, All-Ukrainian orthodox church council

A.Y. Morozov.
The peasant estates government in Russia.
The article discusses the history and characteristics of the peasant caste government in the Russian Empire and modern ideas about the role of researchers in the life of the country.

Keywords: Russian Empire, domestic policy, self-government.

E.K. Kalutskaja.
Problems of legal education in primary and secondary schools.
The article analyzes the problems of legal education in primary and secondary schools and ways of solutions. Also, the author gives a sample of competition law experts.

Keywords: legal education, the activity approach, the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

V.O. Gusakova.
Image of Motherland in religious art. On the actualization of the moral foundations of stories in patriotic education.
Article is dedicated to the i iconography «Holy Trinity» of Andrey Rublev’s in the context of the patriotic training of youth and to their familiarizing with the base national values through the understanding of history.

Keywords: Fatherland, icon «holy trio», patriotic training, the tradition.



A.N. Gudkov, O.N. Gudkova.
Questions about the history of the First World War (continued).
The material contained questions on the history of the First World War.

Keywords: The First World War, questions, answers.

O.N. Tsvetkova.
The research project as a way to motivate students to study the events of the Battle of Stalingrad.
The author offers a methodical development of the organization in the form of a research project at the lesson in class XI on «Battle of Stalingrad».

Keywords: research project, the Battle of Stalingrad, motivation, reflection.

M.A. Tumanov, M.V. Guzakova, A.V. Zhiborkina.
Possible applications of interactive virtual tours in the study of the history of Russian America.
The article is devoted to methods of using uncommon multimedia projects at history lessons. The suggested plan of the lesson demonstrates the opportunity of using virtual interactive tours on the history of Russian America.

Keywords: Russian America, Fort Ross, Alaska, Russian-American Company, furs, joint-stock company merchants, colonization, virtual interactive tour.


Uniform State Exam

T.V. Sharmanova.
Materials on the history of culture to prepare for the exam. Theme 4. Culture of Russia in the XVIII century.
The article is told about the culture of Russia’s different periods of history: you find the tabl, the chronicle definiton’s and tests.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, the culture of Russia.

A.Y. Morozov.
Historical and geographical training in military-political blocs before and during the First World War.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.


Young scientists’ works

A.A. Shimanskaya.
The study of Tibetan national oriental science: From the first to the destruction of the scientific achievements of the school.
The article discusses the history of the origin and formation of the Tibetan studies in Russia in the period of 20-s of the XIX century on the 30-th years of the twentieth century, speaks of the key figures in this field and creating a scientific school.

Keywords: historiography of Tibet, tibetology, Oriental studies.

M.S. Soloviev.
Historical Geography of the interaction between society and nature in the modern school.
The article is devoted to educational content of the interaction of nature and society in school geography and history.

Keywords: the interaction of nature and society, historical geography, methodology of teaching.


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