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Actual theme: Visualization in teaching

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A.N. Joffe.
Visualization in history and social studies — methods and approaches
Article focuses on methods and approaches to visualize the history and social science.

E.N. Abdulaev.
Imaging techniques in the study of history
The article gives guidelines and examples for visualization on the lessons of history.

D.S. Zhukov, S.K. Lyamin.
Visualized metaphors in teaching history and problems of individual security
The article gives examples of security consciousness of students in today’s information space.


History and Society

V.O. Gusakova.
Shrines in the war of 1812. Materials for the lesson
Article reveals the expediency of study by the senior pupils of the sacred things of the patriotic war of 1812 in the process of their spiritual- moral and patriotic training.

N.P. Shmakova.
Creation of an industrial base in the southern Urals
The article describes the history and conditions of creating industrial base in the southern Urals in 1930 of XX-th century.

M.S. Lesonen.
Civic education in the state standards of secondary school in Norway and Russia
This article provides a comparative analysis of state educational standards of school education in Russia and Norway in the field of civic education. Estimated that issues of civil education, are registered in the standards of both countries despite the differences in approach.

O.V. Voskresensky.
Social and cultural factors in the development of religious and secular education in U.S. schools
The articleconsiders scientific conceptualization of balanced proportionbetween religious and secular education in the US comprehensive secondary schools, describes the practice of educationorganization from a perspective of cultural dialogue in amulticultural country.


S.I. Grandova.
The development of general education skills of schoolchildren in studying history in school
The author draws attention to the importance of the formation of students’ ability to analyze information from different sources.

Т.A. Barykina, М.А. Desyatnikova.
Game technology as an effective means of forming subject competence in the process of studying the course «History of Russia» in X class
This pedagogical project presents the cycle of lessons for revision in the course «History of Russia from ancient times to the end of the XIX-th century». The lessons are given in the form of «historical hockey».

Uniform State Exam

R.V. Pazin.
Do need the tasks to analyze statistical information in the Uniform State Exam on history?
In the article considered the problem of tasks in the analysis of statistical information on the history exam. Models are proposed for such tasks Uniform State Exam.

A.Y. Morozov.
History and Geography Training for Economic Development of Russia in the first half of the XIX century and the Crimean War
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.


Young scientists’ works

E.I. Musikhina.
Formation model of historical thinking in high school teaching and research activities in the secondary school
In the article assesses the role of history in the development of pupils’ thinking.

S.V. Popov.
Russian Parliamentary Opposition about Social Welfare Monetization
In the article the decision of the State Duma of the fourth convocation of the law «on the monetization of benefits».

P.G. Tkachenko.
The spiritual life of the Protestant Lutherans in southern Russia in the early twentieth century
The article has been observed different aspects of the protestant’s religious life settled on new territories at the XIX-XX centuries in Southern Russia. Author researches the subject of adoption for ordinary life and cultural intercommunication Lutherans according new condition they lived.

In Journal

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