Magazine’s content № 7 2012

Actual theme: Basics of religious cultures and secular ethics in schools

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T.I. Tyulyaeva.
The controversial subject?
The article is devoted to the new subject «Fundamentals of religious cultures and secular ethics».

M.T. Studenikin.
Teaching the foundations of ethics in the school
The article provides recommendations and tasks for teaching ethics in schools.


History and Society

V.G. Burkov.
Peace of Bucharest in 1812
The article examines the military-diplomatic struggle, waged on the eve of World War II in 1812.

A.E. Pisarev.
In the sovereign’s stirrup. Moscow archers in the middle — second half of XVII century
The article is devoted to Moscow musketeers of the XVII century.


L.V. Alieva, T.V. Filippov.
Organization of the study subjects’ mass and elite culture of modern Russia «and its role in the worldview of students
The article is devoted to the theme of «mass and elite culture of modern Russia.»

E.C. Kalinichenko.
The lesson for social studies «Power without corruption: reality or utopia?»
The article gives synopsis of the lesson on corruption..

Uniform State Exam

A. Morozov.
Cartographic training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

A.V. Fateev.
Pompeii — the penultimate day everyday
The material is devoted to the destruction of the city of Pompeii.


Young scientists’ works

F.M. Arifullin.
Historian S.P. Melgunov of events in Petrograd and Moscow in October and November 1917
Thearticle examines revolutionary events wereinPetrograd and Moscow in October-November 1917 their estimations and meanings in the works outstanding historian of Russian emigration S.P. Melgunov.


In Journal

  • Guidelines for obucheniiyu basics of religious culture and secular ethics in educational institutions of the Russian Federation
  • Interview with Chief Editor of the journal «Teaching History in Schools» with historian-researcher and author of books on the history of World War II, the candidate of historical sciences, A.V. Isayev.
  • Check your knowledge easily! (Gauging Materials publisher «Waco»)
  • Science News

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