Magazine’s content № 1 2012

Actual theme: «The activity approach to history and Society»

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E.N. Abdullaev
The activity approach to teaching history within the requirements of the new standard
The author analyzes the characteristics of the activity approach in school history education.

A.N. Joffe
The structure of modern lesson of history and social organization as a basis for student activities
We consider the universal structure of contemporary history and social studies lesson, its key elements.

N.F. Kritskaya
Russian culture in the seventeenth century (a history lesson in class X)
On the example of the study of Russian culture of the XVII century, the author demonstrates the activity approach to teaching history.

M.V. Petukhova
Ideology as a means of legitimizing authority (social studies lesson in class XI)
On the example of the ideology of the study, the author demonstrates the benefits of the activity approach to teaching social studies.

History and Society

V.K. Grigoriev
Battle for Moscow
The article examines key aspects of the history the Battle of Moscow 1941-th.

T.V. Osipova

Peasant Front of the Civil War
The author analyzes the peasant movement against the Soviets in 1919-th and shows him the role and importance in the Civil War.

A.V. Lubkov

Prince DI Shakhovskoy: finishing touches to the portrait of the Russian liberal
In this article the example of a prominent figure in the Constitutional Democratic Party of Prince DI Shakhovsky revealed some features of his strategy of Russian liberals late XIX – early XX centuries.


S.E. Kolchugin
Lesson «Battle of Moscow» in class IX
Dual occupation of the Battle of Moscow, built on the basis of the activity approach.

M.V. Vinogradova
The interactive whiteboard as an instrument for the formation of general historical concepts of the students of classes VI–VII
The article describes the advantages and difficulties of working with interactive whiteboards in history class in classes VI–VII.

A.A. Sklyarov

Periodization of the history of the North Caucasus for training purposes
This article briefly discusses the history of relations between the North Caucasus with Russia, given the periods of these relations.

S.N. Shibaeva
Technology lesson in class IV at the rate of «Environment»
Methodical development of a lesson on «Personality rights» with the active approach.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

E.N. Belsky
Task according to the memoirs of the Soviet-Finnish War
Methodical development tasks using the original source.

Uniform State Exam

S.A. Fomin
Working with the concepts and terms in preparation for the exam
Training in historical terms and concepts to prepare for the uniform state exam.

A.J. Morozov
Historical and geographical training on age of palace coups
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the uniform state exam.

Young scientists’ works

O.A. Kutepova
Distribution of professional knowledge in activity of general educational institutions of Russia of first half of XIX-th century
The article is devoted to the problem of the introduction of practical professional knowledge in teaching and educational process.

A.S. Kislyakov
Formation of the Ukranian parties in Russia in the beginning of the XX-th century
The article by analyzes the initial stage of formation of the Ukranian parties, their ideological evolution and political struggle.

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