Magazine’s content № 8 2011

Actual theme: Living H istory

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A.A. Roshchin
Three steps to a «living history»
The author tells of the military-historical reenactment.

E.L. Suzdalcev
Holidays military-historical reenactment in the education of students and schoolboys
Material is devoted to the military-historical reenactment as part of the education of schollboys and students.

E.M. Ugolev

Historical Reenactment as Phenomena of Historical Memory
The article presents an attempt to reveal the causes of emergence of historical reenactment and its connection with concept of «historical memory».

History and Society

A.V. Kozulin
Was Siberia colony of the Russian Empire?
The author gives a description of policy of the Russian empire in Siberia in XIX-th century.

A.S. Minakov

The governors of Russia in the epoch of the «Great reforms»
In article the problem of the reforming of the system of the local management in the 60-th– the beginning of the 80-th of XIX century is analyzed.

V.V. Vyatkin

Short period proletarian monarchism
The article analyses the participation of Moscow general-governor great prince Sergey Alexandrovich in the experimental legalization of labour movement produced by S.V. Zubatov.


A.I. Paygusov
The theoretical foundations and technology lesson, the dialogue of cultures
The article author talks about the technology of preparing and conducting lessons of cultural dialogue.

L.M. Ryzhkova
Russia and the Golden Horde (integrated lesson of history and local history in the VI class)
In the articles presents an integrated lesson on the history of relations of Russia and the Golden Horde.

L.G. Sidorova

Guilty – answer (social studies lesson in class VII)
Lesson material provides insight into the decision-making disciples of free choice and social guidelines.

T.A. Belyushina

Exercises in the Russian Constitution in 1993 year
The material given special assignments by the Constitution of the Russian Federation in 1993 year.

N.K. Korytova
Extracurricular activities «Wheel of History»
The article gives the program to expand the horizons of students, instilling the love of the subject.

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov
Historical and geographical training for the first Romanov
Geographically-oriented training in history.

I.A. Arthasov

About the changes in KIM Uniform State Exam history in 2012 year
The paper assessed the draft new demos KIM Uniform State Exam in 2012 year.

Young scientists’ works

S.V. Saitanov
Anarchical reformism of P.A. Kropotkin: historiography and original sources
The author of the article analyses P.A. Kropotkin’s works as a source which allows to recognize the idea of anarchical reformism, belonging to him during the last period of life.

V.A. Kornev

Social activity of the Russian Orthodox Church in pedagogical and educational field
The article focused upon educational activity of Russian Orthodox Church during the last 20 years, its forms and methods as well as the attempt of possible cooperation with state in this sphere.

In Journal

  • Working papers on the topic «Democracy»;
  • Internet resources on the history of primitive society;
  • In memory of comrade. Mikhail Ponomarev;
  • Science News.

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