Magazine’s content № 2 2019

Actual theme: Update the content of the common historical and social science education

O.Y. Strelova, E.E. Vyazemsky. Problems of updating the content of general historical and socialcourse education.
In connection with the «public discussion» of updating the content of general education (November — December 2018), the authors analyzed the current situation with the «History» and «Social Studies» subjects, formulated theoretical and practical approaches to solving the identified problems and contradictions at the level of regional institutions educational development.
Keywords: educational content, subject concepts, historical and cultural standard, detailed lists of subject results of history and social studies education.

History and Society

V.V. Penskoy, T.M. Penskaya. The Polotsk War: an episode of the Livonian Succession War (2nd part). «Theme without research…»
This article presents a continuation of the previous article about the Polotsk war of 1561-1570 — 6th in a row in the history of the 200-year russian-polish-lithuanian confrontation. It gives a brief overview of the campaign of 1562 and the campaign of Ivan the Terrible against Polotsk in the winter of 1562-1563.
Keywords: early modern, 16th century, foreign policy, Russia, Lithuania, Livonian war, russian-lithuanian wars, Ivan the Terrible, Polotsk.

I.R. Grazhdaninov, D.V. Kiryukhin. Personality of Henry VIII Tudor in the educational literature for Russian schools (the historiographical aspect).
The article analyzes the disclosure of the personality of the English King Henry VIII of the Tudor dynasty in textbooks on the history of the Middle Ages for Russian schools. Particular attention is given to find the best coverage of the topic in the existing textbooks.
Keywords: teaching, Tudor dynasty, Henry VIII, school textbook.

S.V. Chesnokov. Comparative historical analysis of the renegade of L.A. Tikhomirov.
The article provides a comparative analysis of the renegacy of L.A. Tikhomirov (1852-1923) with such phenomena of the social and political struggle during the rule of the emperors Alexander III and Nicholas II as «tired», «departed», provocateurs, «God-seekers».
Keywords: renegade, «tired», «retired», treachery, provokatorstvo, God-seeking, LA Tikhomirov.

V.K. Romanovskii. N.V. Ustryalov about the Slavophiles’ doctrine and their influence on the national thought and culture.
The article highlights the ideological-political heritage of the founders of Slavophilism, their influence on the Russian political thought and culture in the interpretation of N.V. Ustryalov, Russian political thinker.
Keywords: slavophiles, political doctrine, N.V. Ustrialov, social thought, culture.

A.P. Sinelobov. Service foreigners of pre-peter the Great Russia: government policy and everyday life.
The article is devoted to little-known issues of service of European foreigners in pre-Petrine Russia. The article reveals the legislative policy of the tsarist government in relation to serving foreigners and their reaction to decrees, as well as the processes of adaptation and rooting of foreigners on Russian soil.
Keywords: pre-Petrine Russia, serving foreigners, the Inozem order, legislation on the service of foreigners, traditions and european innovations.


A.N. Ioffe. Development of the communicative culture of students in public disciplines: ways to organize discussions in the classroom.
The article discusses pedagogical approaches to organizing discussions in the classroom, which will contribute to the formation of communicative universal learning activities of students and the overall improvement of their communicative culture.
Keywords: discussion, communication, pedagogical approach, key skill.

O.V. Vorobyova, Y.Y. Shamatova. Russland: Fatherland after the war. An alternative look at the past.
The article is devoted to the development of extracurricular activities, which are designed within the framework of innovative methodical technology of studying the past using elements of alternative history for the most effective education of students’ patriotism.
Keywords: patriotic education, anti-utopia, alternative history, discussion.

N.S. Dergacheva. Conducting a single All-Russian lesson «Day of the reunion of the Crimea with Russia».
The article gives methodological recommendations for the thematic unified All-Russian lesson «The Day of the reunion of the Crimea with Russia» for schoolchildren of different ages. The author offers various options for conducting this thematic lesson in accordance with the requirements of FSES.
Keywords: standards & programs, interdisciplinary connections, Crimea with Russia, FSES.

S.V. Savelyeva. Guidelines for the study in the school year Iranian revolution of 1905-1911
The article presents the author’s methodology for studying the Iranian revolution of 1905-1911.
Keywords: The Iranian revolution, the countries of Asia, the islamic revolution, the turkish way of modernization.

E.N. Abdulaev, A.Yu. Morozov. Historical modeling. Blocks summarizing topics on the history of the Fatherland.
Methodical material on the history of the Fatherland with illustrative content.
Keywords: historical modeling, history of the Fatherland, generalization blocks.

 Young scientists’ works

N.V. Tatarkina. The problem of the use of translated sources in the classroom at school.
It’s very important to use of translated foreign sources of personal nature at History lessons at school. It develops analytical abilities of pupils and makes lessons more informative.
Keywords: the teaching of history in school, translated sources, sources of personal nature, analysis of the source, historical and cultural standard.

I.A. Suzdaltsev. The cocept «russian delegation» in the Communist International in the period of the I-IV word congress.
The article attempts to prove that the formation of the governing bodies of the Comintern, the adoption of the main provisions of the period of the I-IV congresses took place taking into account the immediate interests of the Russian delegation.
Keywords: III International, The Executive Committee of the Communist International, The Bureau Executive Committee of the Communist International, «21 conditions», conference of three Internationals, the «five», «bureau of the Russian delegation».

A.O. Nagimova. Discussion of the draft Stalin Constitution of 1936 on the example of the Chebarkulsky district of the Chelyabinsk region.
The article is devoted to the preparation and conduct of discussion of the draft Stalin Constitution of 1936 in the Chebarkulsky district of the Chelyabinsk region. It traces the main stages of this process, indicates their chronological framework and main characteristics, based on archival data.
Keywords: Constitution of 1936, Stalin Constitution, Chebarkul district, Chelyabinsk Region.

N.V. Kutaisova. Spiritual and moral education of the individual by means of modern local history in the cadet classes of the secondary school.
The author considers the actual problem of spiritual and moral education in the modern school.
Keywords: spiritual and moral development, education of patriotism, modern local history, cadet classes.

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