Magazine’s content № 6 2016

Actual theme: The solution of educational problems at lessons of history and social

T.G. Osipova. History lessons — life lessons: formulation and solution of educational problems of the lesson.
The material is devoted to the formulation and solution of educational problems in history class. Presents examples of tasks.
Keywords: training, history lesson, the algorithm.

I.V. Krutova, L.P. Razbegaeva. Educational potential of the lessons of history and social science.
The article reveals the educational potential of the lessons of history and social science. Consider concrete ways to implement methodological GEF requirements to the personal learning outcomes.
Keywords: federal state educational standard, education, valuable relationships.

O.V. Minovskaya. Situation and role-play as a student with a history of meeting.
The situational role-playing game as the modern and effective pedagogical method is represented in the article, possibilities of the situational role-playing game in studying ofthehistory by school students are demonstrated.
Keywords: the situational role-playing game, the history, the active position of the pupil, modeling of the historical phenomena and processes in the game.

O.B. Pankratova. Raising the personal relationship of students to the history based on the work with historical sources on the topic «The collectivization of the peasantry».
On the basis of historical sources is considered the fate peasant-disenfranchised during the collectivization. Are given the task to the texts.
Keywords: peasant- disenfranchised, collectivization, the civil law.

History and Society

A.Y. Morozov. Fundamental and useful work (a new book Boris Mironov).
The article presents an analytical review of work of the outstanding Russian historian Boris Mironov «Russian empire: from tradition to modernity».
Keywords: Russian empire, domestic policy, reform, revolution.

B.N. Mironov. The concepts and paradigms of modern historiography.
The article describes the theoretical views, prevailing in the historic community.
Keywords: Russian empire, domestic policy, reform, revolution.


Е.А. Kryuchkova. The development of inter-subject coupled concepts in learning of history in the comprehensive schools.
The article concerns the approaches to defining and content of inter-subject concepts. It represents stages and techniques of developing inter-subject coupled concepts in the comprehensive schools (V-IX grades).
Keywords: meta-subject skills, inter-subject concepts, revolution, evolution, progress, regress.

O.V. Gugnina. On the question of the formation of social studies lesson on the ACU.
The material is devoted to a variety of methods and techniques of training on formation of universal educational actions in the social studies classroom.
Keywords: universal learning activities, world religions, the ability to learn.

Uniform State Exam

I.V. Nahaeva, Z.V. Bochkareva. Preparing for the exam on the history and formation of research competences in the context of historical and cultural standard
Article is devoted to the formation of the research competencies in preparation for a History Uniform State Exam.
Keywords: standards and programmes, Uniform State Exam, research competence.

Books, journals and sites

A.M. Matveeva. The national consensus on the country’s history.
A review of the training manual on «difficult issues» stories.

Keywords: national history, a history book, «tough questions».

Young scientists’ works

Kulikova S.G. Projects of zemtsy-conservative at the second half of XIX — the beginning of the XX century in the sphere of technology of road construction.
Тhe author of the article describes the technologies of road construction stated in projects of zemtsy-conservative and realized by bodies of a territorial self-government of Russia at the second half of XIX-the beginning of the XX century.
Keywords: zemstvo, zemtsy-conservative, road construction, the end of XIX–the beginning of the XX century.

M.S. Chitin. For the protection of national interests of the country: the stages of the history of the Soviet security organs.
The article highlights the key stages of the formation of the Soviet security organs. We solved the problem faced by members of the State security forces in different historical periods.
Keywords: state security bodies, secret police operations.

U.V. Bryleeva, J.N. Trufanova, F.D. Rasskazov. The role of teaching practice to prepare students of the historic profile for the future teaching activities.
The article deals with the definition and basic principles of methodical readiness of students trainees of historical profile in the higher education. The authors define the structural and content components of methodical readiness of students of historical profile.
Keywords: methodical readiness, teaching practice, structural and content components of methodical readiness, process of professional formation of the teacher of history.

In Journal

– Patriotism and nationalism as a Russian history factors. The end of the XVI century – 1991 Hodijah.

– Check your knowledge easily! (Didactic publisher «Waco»)

Опубликовано в Журнал в 2016 году.

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