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Actual theme: The writing of history

O.N. Zhuravleva. Historical essay as a new type of job the exam: questions to be answered yesterday.
The article deals with the problem of implementation and evaluation tasks of the Uniform State Exam — works on the history of in accordance with the Historical and cultural standard.
Keywords: Unified State Exam, Historical-cultural standard, projecting of educational content.

A.Y. Morozov, E.N. Abdulaev. Historical works — a new job on the history exam (survival guide).
The article provides instructions on writing historical essays with concrete examples.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

History and Society

V.Y. Zakharov. The question of chronological limits and periodisation of  Smut time.
This article is about the chronological limits and periodisation of Smut time in the history of Russia. The author analyses different conceptions about definition and chronological limits of Smut time.
Keywords: definition of Smut, Smut and civil war, chronological limits and periodisation of Smut time, history of Russia of XVII century.

V.O. Gusakova. Potential of hagiography and iconography of hagiographic icon in the spiritual and moral education.
In the article are revealed possibilities the realizations of the educational potential of hagiography and iconography of icon and explains the pedagogical expediency of work with the artistic means in the orientation of pupils to the ideal.
Keywords: ideal, hagiography, the icon, spiritual and moral education, sense, values.

A.V. Zhuravel. Two battles for the Kulikovo field — real and literary ones.
A new investigation of historical sources which describe the Kulikovskaya battle gives the principally new sight on the its course and the origin of sources («The Story of Mamai’s Slaughter» and etc.).
Keywords: battle of Kulikovo, paleogeographic reconstruction, unification of Russian lands.

Y.S. Kuchin. The problem of «old-russian nation» in the coverage of modern national historiography.
The article deals with the modern national historiography of problem of «old-Russian nation». Author determines the basic approaches to the theme exist in the national historiography.
Keywords: kievan Rus, the eastern slavs, old-russian nation.

I.V. Griban, O.N. Griban. The Past of current importance: web resources as a means to maintain historical memory about the Great Patriotic War.
The article contains the analytical review of commemorative web-sites, dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.
Keywords: historical memory, policy of memory, the Great Patriotic War, means of commemoration, Web resources, patriotic education.

A.I. Yakovlev. Collective training system in practical classes on the history of the Fatherland for undergraduate non-historical profiles.
Article written about collective educational system.
Keywords: collective educational system, education project systems, competences of students.


T.V. Sharmanova. Research activities on history as a way of formation of key competencies in accordance with the FSES.
This article describes step-by-step method of writing research papers on the history, there are sample theme.
Keywords: Federal state educational standard, scientific-research work.

E.K. Kalutskaya. Learning situation and techniques of analysis on the lessons of the history of Russia in the VI class.
The article explains that this case study provides a brief analysis of the possibilities of case technology, recommendations and examples on the use of case studies in teaching the history of Russia in the primary school.
Keywords: learning situation, case studies, educational technology, system-activity approach.

M.V. Vinogradova. Interactive board when working with electronic education resources.
This article describes the methodological procedures while working with educational resources in the sphere of History and social sciences. The author shows the possibilities of an interactive board in the process of formation of basic and substantive competence.
Keywords: interactive board, electronic education resources, basic and substantive competence.

Uniform State Exam

O.N. Machekhina, V. Voskoboynikov. Individual project graduate in preparing for the exam for social studies.
The article presents the characteristics of the individual project from the perspective of a graduate high school GEF requirements, as well as the algorithm of work on individual projects.
Keywords: federal state educational standards secondary school education universal action, individual project, metasubject results.

Young scientists’ works

K.P. Yershov. Angelica Balabanov and the Italian socialist movement after the Second World War.
This article presents a study of the peculiarities of the evolution A. Balabanova worldview and her vision of world order and the role of the revolution in the reform of the relationship between the individual and the state.
Keywords: the world revolutionary movement, the Russian revolution, Angelica Balabanova, the Communist International.

R.M. Kadirov. Pedagogical conditions of designing regional (ethno-cultural) component of educational introductory course «History» in the primary grades.
In this paper we propose and theoretically grounded design regional (ethno-cultural) component of the propaedeutic teaching of the course «History» in the elementary grades.
Keywords: pedagogy & psychology, standards & programs, local historical education, Federal state educational standards, propaedeutics.

E.T. Bazarova. Impact of housing policy on transformation of daily occurrence on an example from history of the Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.
The author of the article presents results of research how housing policy impact on socio-cultural process in BASSR in 1960-1980.
Keywords: housing policy, everyday life, social transformation.

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