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Actual theme: Activity approach in teaching history

I.V. Krutova, L.P. Razbegaeva, R.V. Pazin. The system-activity approach: methodical aspect (for example teaching history).
The article substantiates methodical conditions of implementation of system-activity approach in school practice of teaching history taking into account the psychological component mastering of an educational content. The problem is revealed in the theoretical and practical aspects.
Keywords: system-activity approach, theory of mastering, Federal state educational standards, Historic-cultural standard.

E.N. Abdulaev, A.Y. Morozov. The implementation of the activity approach to teaching practical aspects.
The article explains the author’s understanding of the activity approach and specific examples of its implementation in practice.
Keywords: educational activity, standards & programs.

History and Society

A.I. Ryazanov.  The theory «of the American exception» is produce in the works of the historians of the economic (progressive) direction and school «of the coordinate interests».
The article is devoted to the analysis of the views F.D. Turner, Ch.A. Beard, A.M. Shlesinger-senior, J. Jameson, L. Hurtz, D. Boorstin, K. Rossiter. The theory-methodological and concrete-historical views of their authors in contecst of the theory «of the American exception». the school «of the coordinate interests», the criticism is offer of their opinions.
Keywords: historiography, the theory «of the American exception», economic (progressive) direction, school «of the coordinate interests».

K.A. Smagin. Emperor Nicholas II and Grand Duke Mikhailovich: the history of the relationship (1895-1905).
Article aims to reveal the problem of the relationship of Emperor Nicholas II and Grand Duke Mikhailovich branches in 1895-1914 years.
Keywords: grand prince branch, grand dukes, Emperor Nicholas II, the influence, of foreign policy.

C.E. Kolchugin. Bashkir uprising.
The article is a brief update on the Bashkir uprisings against Russian power in the XVII-XVIII centuries.
Keywords: Russian history, domestic policy, Bashkirs, uprising.


A.A. Talyzina, E.V. Kamarauli, D.A. Hitrov. Methods of preparing to carry out tasks on geographical and historical maps at the National Olympiad in history.
The material is devoted to the analysis of working with geographical and historical maps on the instructions of All-Russian Olympiad on history.
Keywords: All-Russian Olympiad on history, geography and historical maps, Russian travelers.

Е.А. Kryuchkova. Special Features of Dealing with Value Component of Historical Information in V-IX class.
Special features of dealing of students of forms V-IX with value component of historical information are considered. Issues and tasks on the subject are presented.
Keywords: assessment, value component of historical information, assessment activities.

I.E. Barykina. Formation of representations of the fundamental features of the social and political system in Russia the second half of the XIX century. (educational opportunities CMD «Algorithm of success»).
The material is devoted to the analysis of history textbooks for classes VIII-X PC «Ventana-Graf». Examples of work with paragraphs textbooks.
Keywords: methodical complex, general history, methodical apparatus.

N.S. Smolygina. Culture and life of ancient Russia. Lesson in the VI class.
Methodical development of the lesson on culture and daily life of ancient Russia is an original author’s development according to the new standards.
Keywords: culture, Ancient Russia, Byzantium, writing, architecture.

A.S. Mitkin, A.E. Mitkina. Facilitation of group work at the history lesson.
The article presents the experience of the generalized classes in the seventh grade, finishing a series of lessons on the topic: «Russia in the XVII century».  In a practical example demonstrates techniques of facilitation of students working in small groups.
Keywords: facilitation, the teacher is a facilitator, group work, peer learning, the technique of collage.

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov. Historical and geographical training in the history of the cold war and the Soviet Union in the 1945-1985 period.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

I.N. Nahaeva, O.V. Adamenko. Implementation of the historical and cultural standard in the context of the preparation for the exam in history.
This article is devoted to the historical and cultural standard and its role in the preparation for a History Uniform State Exam.
Keywords: standards and programmes, Uniform State Exam, event pictures.

Young scientists’ works

A.S. Osin. The teaching of history in the modern American school.
The article contains an analysis of the modern model of history education in schools in the United States. Showing its main aspects.
Keywords: school history education in the United States, Big History Project, teaching methods, standards of historical education.

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