Magazine’s content № 3 2012

Actual theme: «Elections in the past and present»

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A.N. Joffe
Elections and electoral systems
Methodical development is devoted to modern electoral systems and can be used as lecture material and discussions with students.

O. Anin
Elections in a democratic society (a lesson in class IX and XI)
Lesson on using documents, analyze situations and role-playing elements.

A.Y. Morozov
Electoral information as teaching material
In the specific examples considered the use of electoral information in the practice of teaching in secondary schools.

E.V. Kololeeva
«Elections — Step into the future!» (Extra-curricular activities in high school)
Scenario extracurricular activities for high school suffrage.

History and Society

V.B. Perhavko
The concepts of «feudalism» and «serfdom» in the academic literature
The author considers the origine and means of the terminology in teachers books connected with the serfdom: in Russian — krepostnichestvo, krepostnoye pravo (right).

O.N. Shaparina

Peter the Great Assembly (to assist the teacher of history)
The paper shows the example assemblies foreign borrowing.

V.B. Stolov
The Russian navy before and during World War II
In the second part of the article the author describes the military operations in the Baltic Sea and the North in the 1914-1916-s.

N.A. Yasnitsky

On the political situation in England, the XVIII century
Submitted historiographical essay on the analysis of the political situation in England in the first half of the XVIII century.


A.V. Shibanov
Experience in integrated lessons
The article is devoted to the problem of the integration of history and social science with other subjects (chemistry, geography, literature, world art culture and psychology).

V.V. Egorov
Historical and patriotic course in «Glory to Russia!»
The author of article analyzes features of an istoriko-patriotic course and shows its role in education of young generation.

Uniform State Exam

I.A. Arthasov
Features of assessment assignments GIA to check ability to analyze historical text
The article concerns the peculiarities of assessment tasks C1 and C2 of Part 3 Examination of GIA 2012

S.A. Fomin

Working with the concepts and terms in preparation for the exam
Training in historical terms and concepts to prepare for the uniform state exam.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

O.V. Kasyanenko, S.A. Korneev
The great battles of the Great War, or how to fit five years at five hours
Methodical development, combining the use of comparative assessment schedule and literature — poems about the war.

Young scientists’ works

S.V. Sergeev
The formation of the conceptual foundations of science and technology policy of Soviet Russia
The article describes the process of forming the framework of the state scientific-technical policy, in particular, its personnel component. Analyzed the results of the reforms in the Higher Technical School.

D.N. Konyshev
Agrarian policy of the state after the Great Patriotic War (1945-1953)
In the article the conditions in agriculture of the USSR after the Great Patriotic War (in 1946-1953), the basic measures and directions of an agrarian policy of the state are considered.

N.N. Yakovleva
The events of April-March 1986 in Yakutsk, in the pages of history textbooks in Russia
The problem of lighting in the academic literature events in March — April 1986 in Yakutia.

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