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Actual theme: History of The Olympics

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D.A. Hitrov
The use of historical sources in the Olympiad problems
The author explains the main difference between the Olympiad problems from the school course of history.

O.N. Akinshina, I.A. Artasov

From the experience of the All-Russian Olympiad school tour in the Southern District of Moscow
The article gives the experience of school contests in history.

S.E. Kolchugin

An essay on the history of the Olympics
The material is devoted to the rules of writing an essay on the history of the Olympics.

History and Society

I.A. Ustinova
Russian intellectuals of the XVII-th century
The article tells about the Russian clerk XVII. — Ivan Timofeev, Fedor Griboedov, Andrew Vinius and others who have made significant contributions to the development of Russian science and culture of the period of transition from medieval to modern times.

V.G. Petrovich

We still need a great Russia, or 100 years without Stolypin
In article questions modernization P.A. Stolypin’s politicians and their communication with today’s transformations to Russia are considered.

V.V. Egorov

Study of Youth Policy of the modern Russian parliamentary parties
Article is devoted to the youth policy of parliamentary parties of Russia –and its consideration at history lessons at school.


O.D. Mishina
Forming senior pupils’ worldview at the social studies lessons using the mastery learning technique
The article deals with the concept of the «worldview» and describes the technique of forming the senior pupils’ worldview at the social studies lessons.

V.S. Codina
Studying the lessons of history features in advocacy Europe and the USA in the XIX-th century
The article deals with the peculiarities of doing propaganda Europe and the USA in the XIX-th century.

V.A. Tarelkina

Lesson journey on the «Main bank notes».
The author introduces students to different kinds of main bank notes, the characteristics and history of the occurrence.

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov
Historical and geographical training for the first Romanov
Geographically-oriented training in history.

A.Y. Morozov
Analysis of the consistency of Uniform State Exam and exam history
In the article provides an analysis of the consistency of Uniform State Exam and exam history.

Young scientists’ works

O.S. Bezobrazova
Nobles Bezobrazovy: experience sotsiogenealogicheskogo analysis
The article examines the history of the Russian nobility in the noble example Bezobrazovyh.

J.A. Podolskaya
Legal and financial status of People’s Teacher of Russia in the post-reform period
Using archives materials the author reveals the problems in the field of primary education of pre-revolutionary Russia.

N.A. Lysenkov

On the formation of the modern image of Russia abroad
The article covers the problem of Russia’s image abroad and the government’s efforts on its improvement since 1991, including establishment of TV network Russia Today and hosting of the 2014 Olympics games and 2018 World Cup.

In Journal

  • Some impressions on the history of Olympic Games participants
  • Internet information about the Olympics
  • science News

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