Magazine’s content № 7 2010

Annotation #7, 2010

Actual theme: Spiritual and moral upbringing

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O.V. Gugnina. Youth patriotism: an experience

Author of the article informs about the experience of work among school youth in the field of patriotic education.

Keywords: upbringing, out-of-class learning.

T.V. Sharmanova. Spiritual and moral upbringing on Russian history lessons (9th form)

Abstract contents the problem questions for Russian history lessons (9th form), provides forms and methods of work, additional sources and literature.

Keywords: educational activity, upbringing.

E.V. Zyazeva. In search of new facilities: moral perspectives of upbringing in modern rural school

Article considers organizational models and directions of work which helps to prevail moral upbringing.

Keywords: upbringing, out-of-class learning.

S.V. Omelyanchuk. Education of children in old Russian family

The article is devoted to investigation of features of education in Ancient Russia and a role of Christian Church in this process.

Keywords: Kievan Rus, education, manners.

T.A. Magsumov. «The Law of God» and «The Basics of Orthodox culture»: pro et contra of history

In this article the author is trying to understand the experience of the religious education in Russian secondary school before the revolution and its importance in modern conditions.

Keywords: Russian Empire, education, sentience.

S.P. Sinelnikov. Religious and anti-religious content in teaching of history in prerevolutionary and Soviet school

Author considers the problems arises from religious and anti-religious components in school education by the end of 19 – 20th C.

Keywords: Russian Empire, USSR, education, sentience.

Foreign experience

E.V. Kipriyanova. Experience of formation of active citizen position in US schools

Article considers an American experience of formation of citizen upbringing.

Keywords: foreign experience, upbringing.

История и обществоведение / History and Society

M.S. Bobkova. Historical science in transition: from the Middle Ages to the Modern times.

Abstract devotes to the history of historical science in Early Modern times.

Keywords: Modern history, theory and methodology of history, sentience.

T.V. Chernikova. Foreigners on the Russian service in XV century.

The article is devoted to an examination of a question of the use of different western experts on the Russian service in the second half of XV century.

Keywords: Moscovite period, manners, arts.


O.Y. Strelova. Approximately program to values and contents points of school History

New approximately program to values and contents points of school History (according to new standards).

Keywords: standards & programs, planning.

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov. Historical & geographical training on early Russia history

Geographical oriented training for theme “Formation of Ancient Russian State”.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

L.P. Kachurina. Strengthening of Russian state in 16th Century. Streltsy (problem lesson for 10th form based on work with documents)

Methodical development provides organization of problem lesson in 10th form.

Keywords: Moscovite period, lesson.

Young scientists’ works

Z.Kh. Ibragimova. The Caucasus is the mineral warehouse of the Russian Empire

The article describes how the Russian Empire has obtained and developed the Caucasian mineral resources in the 19th c.

Keywords: Russian Empire, national relationships, economics.

A.I. Alexeeva. Relations between Soviet state and dissenting intelligentsia in early 1920s.

Article considers relationships between Soviet state and dissenting intelligentsia in early 1920s.

Keywords: USSR, domestic policy, intelligentsia (intellectuals).

S.V. Vtulkin. Party leaders from the Stalin’s closest circle: early years

This article describes political socialization of B.M. Molotov, L.P. Beria and G.M. Malenkov.

Keywords: Russian Empire, revolution, person in history.

In journal:

  • News of science
  • Approximate thematic planning. Bloc 2. World History. 5–9th forms.
  • Between books and magazines: complex textbooks “History of Astrakhan region”: unity in variety.

Опубликовано в Журнал в 2010 году.

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