Journal’s content № 2 2024

Actual theme: Advanced level of social studies in high school

E.K. Kalutskaya, M.I. Bogachev. Topic «State» at an advanced level in the course «Social Studies» in Secondary school: content and methodological techniques.
The article presents a version of the disclosure of the topic «State» in a social science lesson in Secondary school. The authors offer a number of meaningful and methodological extensions of the topic to increase student involvement in the learning process. In particular, the authors propose to supplement the topic with a disclosure: a single-line scheme of politogenesis (band — tribe — chiefdom — state), three stages of development of already state forms of politogenesis, as well as a critical look at the functions and features of states.
Keywords: social science, political science, politics, state.

History and Society

A.A. Antonovskaya. The influence of Russian-Wallachian and Russian-Moldovan relations on the results of the foreign policy of Peter I.
This article examines the background of the Prut Campaign (1711) and its significance for Russian foreign policy in the 18th century. The author comes to the conclusion that it was the nature of Russian-Moldovan and Russian-Wallachian relations in the 17th century, and not the struggle of Peter Alekseevich’s predecessors for access to the Black Sea, that became one of the main reasons that made the Prut campaign possible.
Keywords: Prut campaign, Russian foreign policy in the 17th century, Russian foreign policy in the 18th century, Peter I, Dmitry Cantemir, Constantin Brancoveanu, Russian-Moldavian relations, Russian-Wallachian relations.

O.G. Shchenina. Evolution of legal education of schoolchildren in the context of the academic subject «Social Studies».
The article deals with the problems of the need to improve the quality of education from the perspective of legal education and education of schoolchildren in social studies lessons. The analysis of legal literacy of schoolchildren in the context of the results of the Unified State Exam in social studies is presented. It is shown that legal topics are an important component of the regular and extracurricular activities of a social studies teacher.
Keywords: social studies, legal education, legal education, legal literacy, unified state exam.

O.P. Okopnaya. On the issue of organizing assistance to wounded and sick soldiers during the First World War (based on the materials of the Department of Internal Affairs).
Based on the use of archival data and periodicals, the article attempts to fill the existing gap in the coverage of these historical events and analyzes the organization of assistance to wounded and sick soldiers during the First World War. The work of various organizations, departments, as well as volunteers and philanthropists is considered. The author emphasizes that the wounded and sick soldiers received not only medical and psychological help but cordial care and good nursing. Local authorities supported the families of the combatants.
Keywords: charity, volunteerism, World War I, medical care, support, wounded and sick of the war.

V.S. Merkuryeva, S.V. Ogay. Studying the provisions of the University statutes of Russia in the 19th century when organizing project activities for high school students.
The article is devoted to the consideration of the provisions of university charters as a mechanism for organizing students’ project activities. The authors of the article analyze the normative legal acts regulating the activities of courts at universities, clarifying the process of record keeping and the structure of courts, as well as the penalties that students could be subjected to for committing offenses.
Keywords: university, university court, university charter, law, meeting, recovery, instruction, project.

A.V. Paletskykh. Peculiarities of compliance by the United States and Great Britain with the norms of International humanitarian law in the military sphere.
The topic under study has an actual historical and political orientation. The author of the publication analyzed a number of wars and military conflicts in 1950-2020 with the participation of the United States and Great Britain, accompanied by the manifestation of cruelty to the enemy and the use of criminal methods of warfare. But always, when the United States and Great Britain decided to invade the territory of other states by armed forces, they considered their actions quite legitimate and not contrary to International law, which were characterized by the presence of facts of war crimes in military conflicts with the participation of the armed forces of those countries, which determined the need to study war crimes committed with the participation of the armed forces of the United States and Great Britain during the period under study.
Keywords: international humanitarian law, USA and Great Britain, war crimes, insurgents, mass character, national independence, killing of civilians, violation of international law.


N.S. Kalmykova. Methodology for forming value judgments of seventh grade students as part of a general history course.
The article is devoted to the problem of forming value judgments of seventh-graders in General History lessons. The author has proposed practice-oriented tasks for the formation of value judgments for each course topic in accordance with the Concept for the implementation of a unified educational program.
Keywords: value judgments, methods of teaching history, General History, 7th grade.

O.Yu. Uzhan. Non-standard methods of forming the experience of cognitive activity of students.
The article discusses some features of integrated lessons as non-standard teaching methods for developing the experience of cognitive activity of students in a modern school. The principles of integrated learning are noted. Fragments of integrated lessons using non-standard teaching methods are given.
Keywords: experience of cognitive activity, integrated lesson, non-standard teaching methods, principles of integrated learning.

V.A. Ivashchenko A.A. Romazan,, Yu.V. Andryushchenko. Experience in conducting patriotic events «May Waltz» and «Victory Waltz» using the example of the city of Military Glory, Khabarovsk.
The article discusses the methodology for organizing and conducting cultural events with a historical focus — «May Waltz» and «Victory Waltz» using the example of the experience of Khabarovsk. Ten years of work experience aimed at preserving the memory of generations about the exploits of the Soviet people in the Second World war are summarized and their significance for the growth of patriotic self-awareness of modern society is considered.
Keywords: upbringing, motivation, Victory Day, dance, promotion, patriotism.

Uniform State Exam

V.V. Gorsky. On the issue of optimizing the structure and performance of task No. 19 of the Unified State Exam in history for the definition of a historical concept and its factual specification.
The article is devoted to the analysis of the concept of task No. 19 in the model of the Unified State Exam in history, proposed by FIPI for use in exams in the summer of 2024 and related complex issues. Using the example from the demo proposed by FIPI, the author demonstrates the contradictions faced by both the drafters of this type of task and those performing it, compares the information required for completion with the information available in school educational literature, mental skills and skills for implementing logical procedures developed in the process of obtaining secondary education and suggests a possible methodology for optimizing preparatory work based on maximizing the use of information, the proposed basic level textbooks for general education organizations and additional knowledge in the field of elementary logic, which can be given in the process of preparing students for the exam.
Keywords: task № 19, USE, concept, definition, logic, information, textbooks..

Опубликовано в Журнал в 2024 году, Содержание.

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