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Actual theme: The experience of the textbook of regional history

O.Yu. Strelova, A.S.Perfiljeva, M.I. Romanova. Regional history textbook in the conditions of the common educational space of the Russian Federation.
The authors of the article reveal and substantiate a set of scientific and methodological approaches to the creation of a regional history textbook in the conditions of common educational space of Russia, demonstrate fragments of a new textbook in which these ideas are embodied, and invite colleagues to discuss the problem posed in the title of the article.
Keywords: regional textbook on history, common educational space, Russian Far East in modern times.

History and Society

A.V. Lubkov, M.V. Novikov. World war II in chinese history textbooks.
The article considers the reflection of the problems of the Second world war in chinese school and university history textbooks. The peculiarities of the presentation in these textbooks of such important issues as China’s contribution to the defeat of Japan and to achieving a common victory in World war II, the contribution of the USSR to the defeat of Japan are noted. It is emphasized that textbooks contain contradictions in determining the date and place of the outbreak of the Second world war.
Keywords: contemporary history, Chinese anti-Japanese war, educational literature.

N.N. Lydin. Some features of the study of the Thirty years war in classical western historiography.
The relevance of the study of the problem of military history of the Thirty Year’s War era is primarily due to a number of cardinal differences in the approaches of modern European military history science and Russian historical tradition. For a long time, works of military historians had only a few differences with the classical ancient and medieval authors. As a rule, it was a narrative description of battles and military campaigns. The main emphasis in such studies was connected with the studies of talented commanders or rulers, the victiry reasons were often explained as a result of superior military talents, or luck and quality level of the army. This study may be useful for researchers who are interested in military history, teachers and lectures. It also contains references with a number of English-language studies aimed primarily at non-specialists in military affairs. The use of this studies as a source of factual and visual materials seems to be quite promising. The scientific relevance of the article is given by the fact that in Russian historiography, military history jf such a period was considered virtually unfamiliar with theachievements of foreign historical science.
Keywords: Thirty Years War, historical science, army, military art, historiography.

M.M. Panteleev. Ambitious dandy: french politician and diplomat Gaston Bergery.
The article analyzes the main stages of the biography of the French politician and diplomat Gaston Bergery.
Keywords: Gaston Bergery, Philippe Petain, pacifism, Frontist party, French-Soviet relations.

O.V. Sinitzyn. Historical knowledge as a factor of civil education.
The article characterizes the role and importance of historical knowledge for civic education, active forms and methods of teaching in the system of Russian history education.
Keywords: historical knowledge, civic education, secondary school, higher education, historical and cultural standard.

P.A. Kolpakov. About the escort of postal transports by the ranks of the general police and the police guard of the Russian Empire to railway stations.
The article is devoted to the study of the organization of the protection of postal valuables in the process of their transshipment from carts to railway wagons. On the basis of archival materials, the features of the interaction of railway gendarmes and the ranks of the general police in ensuring the safety of postal cargo are revealed. As a result of the study of the process of ensuring the safety of postal items during transshipment, it was concluded that law and order on the railway transport of the gendarmerie police was carried out in cooperation with the ranks of other special institutions.
Keywords: gendarmerie police departments of railways, gendarmerie, transport police, railways, post office, postal service, Russian Empire.

A.V. Paletsky, H.I. Dupate. War Crimes Committed in 1953-1974 by Armed Forces of the United States and Great Britain.
The topic under study has an actual historical and political importance. The authors of the publication analyzed a number of wars and military conflicts involving the United States and Great Britain, which were accompanied by the manifestation of cruelty to the enemy and the use of criminal methods of warfare. But whenever the United States and Great Britain decided to invade the territory of other states by armed forces, they considered their actions quite legitimate and not contrary to international law.
Keywords: USA and Great Britain, war crimes, international law, chemical warfare agents, insurgents, national independence, coloznial countries, killing civilians.

A.S. Alymov. Participation of NKVD troops in the fight against the armed nationalist underground in the western part of the USSR in the pre-war period (1939-1941).
The topic under study has an actual historical and political orientation. After new western territories had joined the Ukrainian and Byelorussian SSR in 1939, the armed nationalist underground was forcibly resisted by the troops of the NKVD of the USSR. These structures, using operational methods, identified members of the armed nationalist underground, the locations of the detachments and their leaders, carried out operations to eliminate them. The internal troops of the NKVD of the USSR immediately before the war solved the tasks that consisted in suppressing intelligence and subversive activities on the part of fascist Germany.
Keywords: Belarusian SSR, Ukrainian SSR, internal and border troops of the NKVD, Belarusian, Ukrainian, German intelligence services, robbery and robbery, Hitlerite agents and saboteurs, nationalist underground in the western part of Belarus and Ukraine.


M.S. Milovanova. Functional literacy as an element of educational activities at school.
In the last decade there have been fundamental changes in the educational policy of the Russian Federation. Education has acquired new directions, among which the need to master skills for successful inclusion in modern society stands out in a special way. The goals of educational activities have changed, the results of educational work have been clarified, and aspects that form a person as a person and citizen have been added. Functional literacy, which can be used to achieve educational and educational goals, has become a link between these two areas. The article analyses the content of the concepts of functional literacy and educational activities and reveals the relationship between the formation of the components of functional literacy and the educational work of educational organizations.
Keywords: pedagogy, functional literacy, educational activities, Federal State Educational Standards, international studies.

V.M. Ovchinnikov. Methodological aspects of the use of local history material in the history lesson on the example of studying the development of the Smolensk region during the Great Patriotic War.
The article discusses the main aspects of the integration of regional material in the field of study of the subject area «history», characterized by the author as one of the key factors in the development of modern domestic education. The author demonstrates the concept of instrumentalization of previous experience within the framework of the previously mentioned practice, which is currently turning into a kind of teaching tool for the subject, as part of the further development and transformation of domestic education. Along with the consideration of the methodological aspects of the problem, the possibilities of local history as a means of forming the socio-cultural and civic identity of students are demonstrated.
Keywords: transformation of education, virtual excursion, local history, study of history, representation of the historical process, patriotism.

Young scientists’ works

E.E. Sorokin. Public opinion of the Russian Empire on the personality of Napoleon Bonaparte in the journal «Bulletin of Europe».
The article presents the image of Napoleon Bonaparte in the Russian periodical press on the example of the journal «Bulletin of Europe». The study presents the change in public opinion of the Russian Empire in the era of the Patriotic war of 1812.
Keywords: Napoleon Bonaparte, N.M. Karamzin, The Patriotic War of 1812, the journal «Bulletin of Europe», periodical press in the era of the Patriotic War of 1812.

V.A. Ivashchenko, S.V. Samykova. The contribution of the Altai spiritual mission to the formation and development of school education in the Altai Mountains.
In the article we consider the school network development dynamics based on the Altai spiritual mission in the ethnically distant regions. Using the school, the mission sought to create a social structure model in which it could have a decisive impact to the region population and act as a regulator of all social processes. The region historically established lag from more developed European and some Siberian regions in terms of the national literacy and school attendance.
Keywords: Siberia, Altai Mountains, spiritual mission, literacy, foreigners, church, schools.


Опубликовано в Журнал в 2023 году, Содержание.

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