Magazine’s content № 6 2010

Annotation #6, 2010

Actual theme: New standards and programs: for teachers

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O.Y. Strelova. Historical education in case of new standards: from program- summary of content – program-plan of activity

Article considers the new standards of historical education and helps to understand in hierarchy of its parts and documents in general.

Keywords: standards & programs, planning.

History and Society

V.B. Stolov. Emergence and development of armored fleet in Russia

Abstract concerns an early history of Russian armored fleet (1860–1890)

Keywords: Russian Empire, soldiery.

Commander of Victory

A.A. Pechenkin. The battle way of marshal K.A. Meretskov: from Spain to China

Author introduce to readers biography of marshal K.A. Meretskov, one of the most notorious military commander in USSR in 1930-1940’s.

Keywords: USSR, soldiery, person in history.

S.N. Dmitriev. Russian pilgrimage

Author of the essay reflects on the sources and history of Russian pilgrimage in christian sacred places.

Keywords: sentience, religion, manners.


S.N. Glazunov. The method of analyze of problem situation as the way of activation of thinking activity of pupils

On the base of problem situation author of this article shows the way of tying theoretical material with skills of its using.

Keywords: educational activity, motivation.

E.V. Chernobay. History teacher activity on projecting of digital educational resources

Material concerns the first step in process of designing of digital educational resources: projecting.

Keywords: IT, planning.

Uniform State Exam

Y.G. Gavrilina. Approximate thematic planning on History for 10th form in case of Uniform State Exam training and Russian ethno-cultural component

The variant of planning of history course for 10th form in high school.

Keywords: planning, educational activity, Uniform State Exam.

A.Y. Morozov. Into which sea does the River Volga flow? or why do we need geographical training on history and during history lessons

Author reflects upon geographical component of historical education and provides training materials for work.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Young scientists’ works

Zh.A. Podolskaya. Punishment at educational institutions in the XIX – the beginning of the XX century as means of keeping discipline

In her article Zh.A. Podolskaya examines the problem of keeping discipline at educational institutions in the XIX – the beginning of the XX century. The author shows different kinds of punishment typical for school education.

Keywords: Russian Empire, pedagogy & psychology, upbringing.

N.V. Obrezkova. The reorganization of everyday life and leisure activities of urban women Don region in 1920-s years

The author of the article considers such issues the reorganization of everyday life and leisure activities of urban women of Don region in 1920-s years as women’s participation in public events, visiting clubs and exercise.

Keywords: USSR, manners.

V.V. Dudukalov. Revival of social tradition of mutual aid as condition of formation of Russian economy

The article is devoted to the problems of Russian economy revival with the use of the Russian social traditions of mutual aid and support.

Keywords: Russian Federation, social structure, cooperation, community.

In journal:

  • News of science
  • Aesopian Language: About lieutenant Smirnov
  • Explanatory note for approximate program on History for 5–9th forms.
  • Approximate thematic planning. Bloc 1. History of Russia. 5–9th forms.

Опубликовано в Журнал в 2010 году.

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