Magazine’s content № 9 2009

Annotation #9, 2009

Actual theme: Interdisciplinary connections

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N.F. Kritckaya, M.F. Petukhova. Interdisciplinary communications as method of society-knowledge’s formation.

Article considers the problem of interdisciplinary communication between history and society courses on the example of integrate lesson “Traditions of democracy in Russia” (11th form).

Keywords: interdisciplinary communication, group work.

E.K. Kalutskay. Integrate lessons as method of legal nihilism overcoming

This contribution analyzes integrate lessons on Right as effective method of legal nihilism overcoming.

Keywords: law, legal nihilism, legal culture.

T.N. Statina, S.M. Imangalieva. Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita as historical and literary monument of age

Methodical development illustrates the variant of educational activity’s organization for lesson of literature which provides the principle of interdisciplinary communication.

Keywords: History and Literature.

M.V. Vinogradova, V.A. Lebedeva. The project activity of 10th form pupils on history and informatics lessons

Authors of this abstract pays attention on conceptual basis and characteristic features of project activity, marks the ways of interdisciplinary communication between History and Informatics.

Keywords: project activities, information, history.

Foreign experience

B.S. Berenfeld. History with integration.

Article concerns the experience of exploration and educational activities organization on history lessons with using IT.

Keywords: integration, information computer technology.

History and Society

A.V. Belov. Historical geography of Russian towns

Author of this article considers historical geography as special sphere of historical science, makes brief account of its history, and emphasizes the peculiarities of Russian towns’ evolution and development of intercity network.

Keywords: historical geography, the city.

A.V. Sobolev. Decembrists in Siberia: cooperation in prison and katorga.

Contribution considers living conditions of the Decembrists life after rebellion, some features of behavior of this group of prisoners and exiles, and kinds of their cooperation.

Keywords: Decembrists, Siberia, community.

O.N. Shaparina. State policy in historical education in 1901–1917

Article concerns the key aspects of state policy in historical education at the beginning of 20th century and some features of it.

Keywords: teaching, history, reforms.


S.D. Filatova. Oral history as pupil’s project

Methodical development provides organization of project activity with the use of oral history types of historical sources/documents.

Keywords: oral history, project activities.

Qualification level rising

E.V. Chernobay. Formation of history teacher motivation for using IT

Article considers the problem of history teacher concernment in using IT, underlines some positive aspects of such devices, and mentions the spheres of its using.

Keywords: information computer technology, motivated teachers.

Integrate testing

S.A. Fomin. Schemes and tests on history of 13th century invasions for training for part C of Integral testing

This methodical development targets on training of pupils for part C of Integral testing. Authors develop the model of training based on schemes with short text comments.

Key words: scheme, symbols, fragmentation.

Young scientists’ works

A.V. Boyarchuk. Changes in agricultural sector after Serfdom abolished in Russia

Article analyzes changes in agricultural sector in 1861–1905 which took place after the abolished of Serfdom in Russia.

Keywords: subsistence economy, serf system, landowner economy, agrarian relations.

I.A. Sokolov. Tea in Russia

Clause is devoted to history of tea in XIX century. In article is told about importance tea for Russian culture. The volume of deliveries of tea on Russian market is shown. It is defined the term «cibic». The prices of tea for the final consumer are also shown.

Keywords: Russia, tea, trade, traditions.

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