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Annotation №6–2009

Actual theme: Motivation

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A.N. Ioffe. Motivation in teaching history and society

Article concerns theoretical and practical aspects of motivation in teaching history and society. Author offer the scheme of constructing motivation models.

Key words: motivation, training.

N.N. Lyapina. Structured discussion and other ways of motivation development

Author considers motivation as structure component of lesson, offer different forms of incorporation of motivation component into scheme of lesson, and propose the lesson with usage of structured discussion as the example.

Key words: motivation, discussion, suffrage.

V.V. Esaulova. Motivation of pupils in form of creative test (in terms of general lesson on the reforms of Peter the Great)

This article is a short introduction to the technology of creative test and contains set of necessary components for its realization (on the example of generalize lesson).

Key words: motivation, creative test, reform.

O.Y. Ershova. Usage of interactive means of motivation development

This material is a methodical development of lesson with accent on the motivation component of it.

Key words: motivation, discussion.

T.Y. Kudryavtseva. Magneto in teacher workshop as motivation tool

This article analyzes technology of teacher workshop as motivation tool. Author proposes general conception of this technology, its elements and examples of its realization.

Key words: motivation, education technology, teacher workshop.

A.I. Ivonina. Society (discipline): how useless made useful?

Author considers course of society from the utility point of view and offers changes on levels of content and methodic.

Key words: methods of teaching, learning content, motivation, reflexion.

History and society

I.V. Romanova. Josephites and “Zavolzhskiy staretsi”

Article considers important stage in history of Russian Orthodox Church and Russian state – struggle between josephites and non-possessors.

Key words: spiritual experience model, centralization of the state, nestyazhatelstvo, iosiflyanstvо.

I.N. Boltenkova. Social nature of the custom of respect of elders among North Caucasus folks.

Author considers phenomena of respect of elders among North Caucasus folks, underline some regional features of it, its impact on life.

Key words: the custom of respect of elders; the cult of ancestors; a respectful relation; wisdom and experience of elders; the national customs and traditions; the way of behaviour; the heritage of the past generations.

L.I. Zolotukhina. Provision policy in “military communism” period

Article concerns some discussion aspects of “military communism”, in particular – Bolsheviks provision policy in 1918–20.

Key words: military communism, food policy, local authorities of the Soviet power, famine.

A.S. Khodnev. For 90th Anniversary of the League of Nations.

This Material considers history of the League of Nations establishment, fundamental principles which determine the character of its work.

Key words: World War I, world order, great powers, collective security, balance of power, Versailles System, the League of Nations.

G.N. Valiahmetova. High politics backstage: struggle for oil

Article considers oil factor in international relations in 20th century, basic parameters of oil diplomacy, and conflicts about oil.

Key words: oil, the oil industry, oil diplomacy.

N.O. Arkin. Who are hasids?

Author considers main aspects of Hasidism (religious and mystic branch in Judaism), its history and development.

Key words: hasidism, judaism, religion.


O.A. Zakirov. Usage of Stalin’s epoch historical movies in teaching

This material highlights the problem of usage ideological-colored materials in teaching humanitarian disciplines, in particular – historical movies, released from 1930s to early 1950s.

Key words: films, historical problematic, Stalin epoch, teaching, school.

G.I. Konstantinova. Cognitive activity of pupils in learning civil law in 9th form

Article considers some methodical aspects of teaching civil law in high school, scheme of work, examples, and visual tools.

Key words: teaching, pupils, civil law.

Yevgeniy Ye. Vyazemsky, Olga Y. Strelova. Dictionary of terms of historical education. Textbook on history in modern world

Article considers the modern understanding of terminological base used by teachers and Methodists. This part considers circle of concepts connecting with communication function of history.

Key terms: dictionary, terms, history, communication.

N. Khripkov. Historical confusion or error correction

This material is an interesting and funny example of error correction in history lessons.

Key words: historical mistake.

Integral testing

S.A. Fomin. Schemes on history: theoretical aspect

This article concerns the theoretical aspect of methodical developments, published in previous numbers of our journal.

Key words: scheme, symbols.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

P.D. Prokofiev. What’s in black box, or trick of creativity thinking

This material is a methodical development, it contains the set of necessity elements for organization of lesson

Key words: creativity, thinking, trails.

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