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Actual theme: Symbols of state

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O.N. Naumov. National Coat of Arms as the problem of historical knowledge

Author considers problems are connected with history of Russian Coat of Arms (double-headed eagle) and its various modifications since the end of 15th century.

Key terms: national Coat of Arms, history, historiography.

D.V. Bratus. Political symbols: the problem of classification.

Article considers the problem of classification of political symbols, analyze exists types of classification, provides recommendations of its usage in educational process.

Key terms: political symbols, classification

N.F. Kritcskay, S.A. Losev, L.V. Mostyaeva. Symbols of Russian state (lesson for 9–11 forms)

This material is a methodical development provides the study of the main stare symbols for elective courses on history and society. Also it may be use as resumptive lesson for “History of Russia” course.

Key terms: methodical development, symbols of state

History and society

A.G. Airapetov. American and French revolutions of 18th C.: modern view

Author analyze modern Russian historiography of American (works by V.V. Sogrin) and  French (works by A.V. Chudinov) revolutions of 18th century.

Key terms: historiography, American Revolution, French Revolution of 18th c.

O.V. Morova. Historical experience of local authority in Moscow (Russian) Tsardom.

Author considers the problem of local authority in 16–17 century Russia, its basic structural components, specific features of its functioning and collaboration with central administration.

Key terms: local authority, Moscow (Russian) Tsardom.

L.N. Zhironkina. Administration of province in pre-revolutionary Russia: theory and practice

Author analyzes theoretical and practical aspects of provincial administration in 18 – first half of 19th century Russia.

Key terms: Administration of province, History of Russia.

T.E. Anikeev. Russian rebellion in historical and fiction 19th century literature

This material is an analyze of writings on Pugachev’s Rebellion (Cossack Rebellion) by Alexander Pushkin, Nikolay Kostomarov and Daniil Mordovtsev.

Key terms: 19th century Russian literature, rebellion

I.A. Gvozdev. Advertising in pre-revolutionary Russia

Article concerns the history of development of advertisement in 18 – early 20th century Russia, its evolution, advertising industry in whole.

Key terms: advertisement, History of Russia.

E.S. Kravtsova. Fiscal system in the end 19 – early 20th century Russia

Article considers the problem of fiscal system in Russian Empire in the end 19 – early 20th century, types of taxes and balance between them, the practice of taxation.

Key terms: Fiscal system, History of Russia.

A.S. Osipov. Entertainment of Englishmen: drink, fox hunting, etc.

Author considers everyday life of English society of 18 – first half of 19th century through the popular entertainments.

Key terms: History of Great Britain, entertainments.


E.E. Dinerstein. The problem of pupil understands of text.

Article considers the problem of formation of basic concepts and understanding of text, usage of fiction literature in history lessons.

Key terms: text, understanding, history.

I.S. Naidenova. Modern educational standards on history in US school

This material concerns the key positions of US history educational system as they appear in 2008.

Key terms: history, educational standards, USA.

A.Y. Morozov. 20th Century Russian History course as system of training tasks (Continue)

In terms of development method historical content should be transformed for activate intellectual activity of students, target them on salvation of certain problems (training tasks). Obviously, disconnected training tasks would not form integral understanding of historical processes and objective laws. Therefore, it should be the system of training tasks. And system supposes multilevel structure and tight connection between its elements. In this article considers already developed system of training tasks for 20th Century Russian History course (period: 1990–2008).

Key terms: 20th Century Russian History, development method, system of training tasks, training task.

Y.Y. Vyazemsky, O.Y. Strelova. Alexander Solzhenitsyn in History of Russia school course

Authors consider the problem of studying and using of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s heritage and some aspect of his biography in school course of Russian history.

Key terms: History of Russia, school course, Alexander Solzhenitsyn

A.M. Zheravina. Lesson on “Political parties” for basic and profile levels.

Author of this methodical development offers one of the variants of studying theme “Political parties” on basic and profile levels.

Key terms: methodical development, society, political parties

Integral testing

O.G. Shenina. Elective course of training for Integral testing on society.

This material is an approximate plan of elective course; main targets: training for Integral testing on society, formation of useful skills.

Key terms: training for Integral testing on society, elective course.

In journal:

  • List of on-line sources on Russian (and other countries) symbols;
  • Books and magazines: Whole Fomin in two books!
  • The Battle of Poltava: 300th Anniversary
  • News of science: Ancient Egypt.

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