Magazine’s content № 3 2009

Annotation №3–2009

Actual theme: Integrate testing on society

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Meeting with chairman of Federal subject commission of Integrate testing tests on society development  E.L. Rutkovskaya.

The interview highlights Integral testing on society, tasks structure, the system of marks, difficulties with training and organization, perspectives of development.

Key terms: Integral testing on society

Recommendations on advancement of methodic of teaching society according to Integral testing 2008 results.

This material is extracts from methodical letter “On using the results of Integral testing on society 2008”. Its introduce to our readers proposals of advancement and perfection of methodic of teaching society in school.

Key terms: Integral testing on society, recommendations

Training on Integral testing on society: teachers experience.

This material collects different essays on system of training on Integral testing on society, forms of organizations, the most difficult types of tasks and so on.

Key terms: Integral testing on society, methodic.

V.V. Semenov. Experience of training of Integral testing on society experts in Moscow region

Article highlights the problem of training of Integral testing on society experts, its difficulties, share experience of negotiation.

Key terms: Integral testing on society, experts.

History and society

V.I. Baskakov. Army of French revolution 1789–99

This article considers the principles of reformation of French army after Revolution 1789, principles of gathering revolutionary army, its difficulties, problems of training.

Key terms: French revolution 1789–99, army.

S.V. Saytanov. Peter Kropotkin’s “Speeches of Rebel”.

In this article author analyze ideas of one of the most notorious theoretic of anarchism – Peter Kropotkin (1842–1921) – mentioned in “Speeches of Rebel” (1885).

Key terms: Peter Kropotkin, anarchism, ideology.

M.L. Musorina. Fundamental tendencies of political development in Iraq 1920–1930-s.

Article considers specific features of Britain policy in 1920–1932 Iraq and the process of formation of parliament–party system.

Key terms: Iraq, British Mandate of Mesopotamia.

E.L. Naek. Calendar question in prerevolutionary Russia.

Article considers problems of reformation the calendar system in 19th – early 20th century Russia. Author views difference between Julian and Gregorian calendars, and alternative projects.

Key terms: Chronology, Julian calendar, Gregorian calendar,  Russia in 19th – early 20th c.

Russian and Mongolian education project

O.Y. Strelova, M.G. Cyrenova. International education project as method of formation of professional teacher’s competence.

This material considers international education project on intercomparison analyze of system of historical education in Russia and Mongolia.

Key terms: international project, historical education, high education, professional teacher’s competence.

Historical education in school in modern Mongolia

Article considers the process of reformation of historical education in 1990–2000’s Mongolia, the main stages of reform, law base and its results.

Key terms: historical education, Mongolia, reforms.

Ch. Dashdavaa. History of Mongolian Empire in Russian 21th century textbooks.

Author analyzes the problem of reflection of History of Mongolian Empire in modern Russian school and university textbooks. Especially the reflection of relationships between Rus’ and The Golden Horde.

Key terms: Rus, The Golden Horde, textbooks.


Alexander Y. Morozov. 20th Century Russian History course as system of training tasks (Continue)

In terms of development method historical content should be transformed for activate intellectual activity of students, target them on salvation of certain problems (training tasks). Obviously, disconnected training tasks would not form integral understanding of historical processes and objective laws. Therefore, it should be the system of training tasks. And system supposes multilevel structure and tight connection between its elements. In this article considers already developed system of training tasks for 20th Century Russian History course (period: 1921–1953).

Key terms: 20th Century Russian History, development method, system of training tasks, training task.

A.I. Ivonina. Structure of modern lesson on right.

Article considers theoretical and methodic basis of organization of educational activity in modern lesson on right, its structure and main components, methodic tools.

Key terms: right, lesson, structure, methods of teaching.

Yevgeniy Ye. Vyazemsky, Olga Y. Strelova. Dictionary of terms of historical education. Textbook on history in modern world

Article considers the modern understanding of terminological base used by teachers and Methodists. This part considers circle of concepts connecting with profile education.

Key terms: dictionary, terms, profile education.

Subject’s interconnection

A.V. Shibanov. One day in 19th century merchant of Vyatka family just before and during Easter (chemistry and history integration).

This material is complete methodic development which realizes the principle of subject’s interconnection.

Key terms: history, chemistry, subject’s interconnection.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

S.V. Petrochenko. Russia in 18th C. (final lesson in 8th form)

This material is complete methodic development on theme Russia in 18th in form of quiz.

Key terms: Russia in 18th, methodic development, quiz.

In journal:

  • Exhibition “1812. War and World”
  • News of science: Prehistory
  • Animal school
  • Letter: V. Borscheva. One more time on school debates.

Опубликовано в Журнал в 2009 году.

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