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Annotation №2–2009

Actual theme: Elective courses

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Enver N. Abdulaev. Elective courses: legal regulation and literature.

This article considers legislation and legal regulation of elective courses, examples of elective courses for profile and pre-profile education.

Key terms: elective courses, legislation, legal regulation, profile education.

Lyudmila V. Mostyaeva, Andrei V. Belyakov. Expertise criterions and program’s format for elective courses. Examples of pre-profile elective courses.

Authors of this material considers criterions for expertise of elective courses for students, offers program’s format for elective courses and some examples of them.

Key terms: elective courses, expertise, program.

Elena V. Geraskina. Elective course “Ride on magic myth’s spiral.”

This article is state in detail of organization program and realization of elective course on mythology for 9th form students titled “Ride on magic myth’s spiral.” Course is estimate for 18 hours.

Key terms: elective courses, pre-profile education, program.

Olga Y. Strelova. History of frontiers – frontiers of history (the program of elective course)

Author offers program of organization and realization of elective course for pre-profile student training for high-school classes oriented on humanitarian subjects (social-economic and humanitarian profiles).

Key terms: elective courses, pre-profile education, program.

M.Y. Smirnova. “Hey, Ancestors!” An experience of family tree composition.

This article is state in detail of organization program and realization of pre-profile education elective course for 9th form. Course is estimate for 10 hours.

Key terms: elective courses, pre-profile education, program.

History and society

Pavel A. Ovechkin. Esers in Russian army before I World War.

This article considers the Socialist-Revolutionary Party in Russian army before I World War. Author talks about party’s purposes, agitation, and its results.

Key terms: Socialist-Revolutionary Party, agitation, army, I World War.

Andrei V. Makedonsky. Education level of the Red Army officers in 1930s.

Author considers the problem of rise of education level of Red Army before the Great Patriotic War, its methodic, organization and results.

Key terms: Red Army, officers, education.

Ismail I. Sharifzhanov. Russian history in English 21th century textbooks.

This article considers the problem of Russian history exposition in English textbooks published by Longman, Collins, Heinemann, etc., defines types of textbooks, highlights the main plots of native history.

Key terms: Russian history, English textbooks.


Alexander N. Volin. Political systems as product of interaction between person, state and society.

Author of letter talks about functioning features of political system, political models, interconnections and interaction between person, state and society.

Key terms: person, state, society, political system.

A.G. Gallyamova. Notes on Russian history exposition in federal textbook.

This material considers features of exposition of Russian history in federal textbook by A.A. Danilov, L.G. Kosulina, M.Y. Brandt, its advantages and disadvantages.

Key terms: Russian history, federal textbook.


Alexander Y. Morozov. 20th Century Russian History course as system of training tasks (Continue)

In terms of development method historical content should be transformed for activate intellectual activity of students, target them on salvation of certain problems (training tasks). Obviously, disconnected training tasks would not form integral understanding of historical processes and objective laws. Therefore, it should be the system of training tasks. And system supposes multilevel structure and tight connection between its elements. In this article considers already developed system of training tasks for 20th Century Russian History course.

Key terms: 20th Century Russian History, development method, system of training tasks, training task.

Yevgeniy Ye. Vyazemsky, Olga Y. Strelova. Dictionary of terms of historical education. Textbook on history in modern world

Article considers the modern understanding of terminological base used by teachers and Methodists. This part considers concepts and terms are forming methodic lab of modern schoolteacher.

Key terms: dictionary, terms, historical education.

Nadezhda F. Kritskay. Organization and realization Olympiads on history for 5-9th forms.

This article considers the problem of Olympiads on history for 5-9th forms, its preparation and realization.

Key terms: Russian history, Olympiad.


New historical action movie ‘Advocate’ (based on the true story)

This is a comic screenplay and satire on newly realized Russian historical drama. Screenplay written by LiveJournal user Andrei Sydorchik (petrovchik).  For original text see: http://petrovchik.livejournal.com/2303.html

Key terms: Russian history, movies, humor.

Our reader’s art

Galina V. Baikova. Poetry on Russian and World history

This material is an author’s poetry on Russian and World history.

Key terms: Russian history, World history, poetry.

Integrate testing

Igor A. Artasov. Working with close-type tests on history lessons.

This Article considers students training on close-type tests (part A of Integrate testing), its main methodic.

Key terms: Russian history, Integrate testing, part A.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

Rashid M. Mendubaev. Usage of dynamic schemes on Russian history lessons.

Article considers methodic of usage of dynamic schemes on history lessons, forming with its help the holistic view of history.

Key terms: Russian history, dynamic schemes, methods of teaching.

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  • News of science: 20th C. History
  • Books and magazines: new books about conquistadors.

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