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Actual theme: Types of generalization

E.N. Abdulaev, A.Yu. Morozov. Types of generalization in the teaching of history. Practical aspect.
The article is devoted to a very important, but little developed in the domestic methodology topic-types and forms of generalization in the teaching of history. The authors name three types of generalization and represent variants and algorithms for organizing educational activity with these types of generalization.
Keywords: the lesson of generalization, the methodology of teaching history, the lesson and the block of generalization.

History and Society

O.Y. Strelova. The centenary of the Russian revolution of 1917 and the actual problems of the historical education of schoolchildren.
The author of the article proposes the concept of «project of memory» in the thesaurus of educators and reveals the educational potential of the discourse «Anniversaries of the Russian Revolution of 1917 in the USSR and the Russian Federation» in school history courses.
Keywords: century of Russian Revolution of 1917, project of memory, content line «History and Memory».

V.G. Burkov. Meet: Veksillology.
The article is devoted to vecillology — an auxiliary historical discipline.
Keywords: vexillology, special (anxilary) history discipline, banner, flag, standard.

B.N. Naydenko. The October Revolution of 1917 in Russia: A Vision Through the Century.
In article it is about a role of the October revolution in Russia in the history of our Fatherland and its historical value for the fate of many countries of the world in the XX century; formation and development of new world order and the international relations with participation of the USSR — the countries, whose homeland — Great October.
Keywords: Great October, theoretical legacy of VI. Lenin, the successes of building socialism, the education of youth, the two worlds are two systems; «Cold war».


I.P. Eremetova. Tasks for the Regional Olympiad in History for pupils of the VI-VIII classes.
Variant of regional subject Olympiad on history.
Keywords: оlympic games, Ancient world, Kievan Rus, period of feudal partition, Moscovite period, Russian Empire.

N.S. Smolygina. Technological map of the lesson «Land of the Rising Sun», VI class.
Author’s development of the technological map of the lesson.
Keywords: technology lesson map, Japan, critical thinking.

M.V. Derevitsky. Work with the counterfeit coins in class is viewed as an example of the interaction of both history and chemistry.
The article contains a plan of the lesson on the Russian history of the 20th century that is based on the interdisciplinary linkages between history and chemistry.
Keywords: interdisciplinary connections, lesson, numismatics, chemistry.

Uniform State Exam

Ya.V. Soloviev. Problems on the job 25 Uniform State Exam examination work on the history in the reflection guidelines Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements
Methodological material for improving the formulation of criteria and to prepare for the delivery of Uniform State Exam.
Keywords: historical work, Uniform State Exam, the history of Russia.

Y.V. Pershina, T.Y. Eremina, E.V. Kuznetsova, N.V. Ponomareva. To the question about the features of the GIA in history in IX grade.
The article analyzes the peculiarities of the tasks of the state final examination in the history in the IX grade. The authors indicate the complexity of the tasks of the state final examination in the history in the IX grade.
Keywords: the state final examination in history in IX grade, features of the GIA in history in IX grade, the tasks of baseline level.

Young scientists’ works

A.A. Pedko. Using the historical modelling method in determining the attributes of bureaucracy as an element of public service.
The article is dedicated to the foresight type of historical modelling, which can be used in class.
Keywords: special historical disciplines, historical modelling, bureaucracy, games, high school.

Yu. V. Grigorieva. Salaries of rural teachers in the time of foundation of elementary education south in the Far East of Russia at the end of the XIX — the beginning of the XX centuries.
The article examines the material well-being of rural teachers in the South of the Far East of Russia in the late XIX — early XX centuries. The poorest category of far eastern teachers were teachers, who work in educational institutions in rural areas.
Keywords: the Holy Synod, the ministry of national education, the sexton, parish school, Diocesan School Council.

I.A. Potemkin. Ministry of internal affairs in the fight against speculation and high prices during the First world war.
The article reveals the activities of the Ministry of internal affairs in combating speculation and high prices during the First world war.
Keywords: the police, the First world war, Ministry of internal affairs, struggle against speculation and high cost.

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