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Actual theme: Teaching of historical and social concepts in school

A.N. Ioffe. Historical and social science concepts: theoretical and practical aspects of school teaching (on the example of concepts of fascism, marxism and liberalism).
The article considers approaches to teaching complex historical and social concepts. Structured content is provided on these thematic lines, and various forms of information structuring are offered. Teacher can use materials to prepare classes in a meaningful and methodical way.
Keywords: Marxism, liberalism, fascism, historical and social science concepts, ideology, cluster, intellect-map.

S.A. Losev, S.V. Shelkovskaya. The study of political ideology in the school courses of social studies and history.
The article presents the materials that students will form as the formation of theoretical knowledge about the main theses of political ideology, and the development of the skill and ability to determine and recognize the types of political ideologies, analyzing the programs of really existing political parties in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century.
Keywords: political ideology, political party, liberalism, conservatism, socialism, political values.

History and Society

E.E. Vyazemsky, T.V. Bolotina. Problems of updating the content and structure of historical education in the Russian school: a discussion in the Russian Academy of Education.
The article examines the directions of updating and updating the «roadmap» for the implementation of the concept of historical education in the Russian school, and formulates proposals for improving historical education.
Keywords: «road map» for implementation of the concept of history education in Russian schools; issues of updating the content, structure, assessment of educational outcomes; the activities of communities of history teachers to update historical education.

S. E. Lazarev. Between white and red: the fate of the war artist M. B. Grekov (to the 135th anniversary of birth).
On the basis of archival documents, the author brings new facts about the life and creative path of the artist-painter Mitrofan Borisovich Grekov.
Keywords: M.B. Grekov, battle painting, the Higher art school at St. Petersburg Academy of arts, the civil war, the First cavalry army, the White movement.

A.V. Uryadova. Evaluation of Russian history textbooks in French-language publications.
The article is devoted to the perception, analysis and evaluation of Russian history textbooks by French-speaking researchers. The main subjects and historical periods that attract the attention of scientists, their views on the transformation and evolution of textbooks on the history of Russia, published in 1990-2010, are considered.
Keywords: history textbook, history of Russia, French-speaking historiography.

D.M. Solodovnyk. Conjugation of the subject fields of new modules in the secondary school with the curricula of the UNESCO Chair of the Institute of Asian and African Studies at the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.
In the review material the author touches upon the problem of ethno-cultural development of the contemporary religious situation in Russia.
Keywords: multinational Russian people, UNESCO, religious tolerance, national identity.


T.V. Sharmanova. Technique of working with audio materials in a history lesson.
The article is devoted to the use of the lessons of history audio. The author describes the types of audio materials and instructional techniques for working with them.
Keywords: the lesson of history, audiovisual materials, instructional techniques.

I.I. Barinova, E.V. Arhipov. The course of additional education «Basics of Local History of Moscow».
The proposed article is an author’s work, based on an in-depth study of history, the natural environment, demography and economics, as well as the cultural life of the capital. It is aimed at students of VIII-XI grades, as well as students of educational institutions of the ACT system.
Keywords: Moscow local lore, history of Moscow, project work.

Young scientists’ works

D.I. Apalkov. Was there a real alternative to the formation of a personal dictatorship of Stalin? (new vision)
The author on the basis of new archival documents proves that the preserving in the 1920-s collective rule of the Bolshevik party was a real alternative to the establishment of a personal dictatorship of Stalin.
Keywords: intraparty struggle, collective rule, Politburo, Stalin.

Guo Yan, O.A. Eldinov. The Japan-China war and the eastern anti-fascist front of the Second world war (1931-1945) in modern russian textbooks.
The article is devoted to the problem of coverage of the Sino-Japanese War of 1931-1945, as well as China’s participation in World War II, in Russian school history textbooks. The authors carried out an analysis of the problems presented in the educational literature and determined its main trends.
Keywords: education, teaching history at school, The Second World War, Soviet-Japanese War, Chinese antifascist front.

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