Magazine’s content № 6 2017

Actual theme: Proceedings of the Conference of the Association of Teachers of History and Social Studies (april 2017)

R.V. Pazin, I.V. Krutova. The state of modern school history and social science education: the methodological aspects of the problem.
The article gives an overview of the state of modern school history and social science education based on the results of the USE 2016. The solution of the existing problems is proposed.
Keywords: teaching history at school, Uniforme State Exam, educational results.

V.M. Kuznetsov. The issues of teaching the events of the period of the Great Russian Revolution and regional history.
The article discusses the results of the All-Russian Conference of the Association of Teachers of History and Social Studies. The experience of the Chelyabinsk region’s teachers in studying the lessons of the history of the events of the revolution of 1917 in the Southern Urals is presented.
Keywords: regional history, regional studies, the Great Russian Revolution, educational literature.

History and Society

L.M. Liashenko. 24 facts and facts from the stormy 24-year reign of Alexander I.
A compilation of interesting historical facts about the reign of Emperor Alexander I.
Keywords: Emperor Alexander I, a historical fact, the Russian Empire.

A.V. Papazov. Decisive battles of the last period of the Russian conquest of the Central Asia.
The author explains a role of the Akhal-Teke military campaign (1880-1881) in final Russian conquest of the Central Asia and emphasizes great contribution of generals M.D. Skobelev and A.N. Kuropatkin in the victory.
Keywards: reconnaissance, siege, campaign, Central Asia, Akhal-Teke.

A.S. Korolev. Embassy of Princess Olga in Constantinople: to the characterization of the episode in the history of Russian-Byzantine relations.
This article analyzes the circumstances of the Russian Embassy 957 Princess Ol’ga to the capital of the Byzantine Empire, provides data about the attitude of the Byzantines to the Rus’, identifies the causes abrupt cessation of contacts between the sides, which lasted several years.
Keywords: ancient Russia, Princess Ol’ga, Russian treaty with Byzantium of 944, Byzantium, Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus.


O. Yu. Strelova. Guests from the past: «1917 and 2017» (methodical sketches to original stories on the history of the Russian revolution of 1917).
An author of the article offers scientific-methodical approaches to reflections on discussion questions of the history of the Russian revolution of 1917 on the basis of modern schoolchildren’ acquaintance with drawings of children of the beginning of the 20th century and the Soviet filmstrip «In 2017», created in 1960.
Keywords: revolution of 1917, project of memory about the revolution of 1917, discussion questions of the history of the Russian revolution of 1917.

V.K. Romanovskii. The Nizhny Novgorod model of teaching materials on regional history for secondary schools.
It summarizes experience of development in the context of modern theoretical and methodological approaches of the set of teaching materials on history of Nizhny Novgorod province, its approbation and implementation in educational practice.
Keywords: regional history, the set of teaching materials, history of Nizhny Novgorod province, approbation, implementation.

E.S. Mandanova. Development of universal learning skills at the history classes in the 6th grade: methodical decisions.
The universal learning skills are given consideration to in the article, some methodological solutions, diagnostic procedures of their development in general education are suggested.
Keywords: federal state educational standards of general education, activity approach, universal learning skills.

I.I. Barinova. Features of the modern lesson or Features of the lesson in a modern school.
The material presents the main features of the modern lesson, its educational and educational potential in a modern school in the context of the development of pedagogical technologies and ICT.
Keywords: modern lesson, new pedagogical technologies, motivation, reflection.

S.V. Agafonov. How to get children out of the rabbit hole of the Internet in the real world.
The material provides examples of teaching techniques in a history lesson using students’ smartphones and tablets.
Keywords: Internet, self-construction, architectural monument.

S.V. Gordeev. The reflection of public sentiment in the Soviet Union during the Khrushchev thaw in the author’s song (extracurricular activities for class XI).
In the article the methodical development on the study of public attitudes in the Soviet Union during the Khrushchev thaw with bard songs.
Keywords: XX Congress of the CPSU, khrushchev thaw, destalinization, the sixties, dissidents, art song, bards.


Young scientists’ works

L.D. Lobanov. The beginning of formation of necropolis of Donskoy monastery.
The article is devoted to the history and the beginning of formation of necropolis of Donskoy monastery from the late 17th century until 1771. Using archival and reference material, the author shows peculiarities of the development process of the monastery’s necropolis.
Keywords: necropolis, Donskoy monastery, Small Cathedral, Great Cathedral, Sretensky church, tomb.

Y.A. Ratchin. Handicraft Industry in Moscow Province In the illumination of historical science (Late XIX — early XX centuries).
The article is devoted to the historiography of the problem of handicrafts of the late XIX — early XX centuries. The selection of stages in the historical interpretation of the topic allows us to consider the process of increasing the knowledge of this important plot of the economic history of Russia.
Keywords: Moscow region, traditional economy, small peasant industry, historiography of the problem.

E.V. Fileva. Society for the satisfaction of housing needs among employees in the Moscow City Administration (1909-1917).
The article considers the activity of the society as one of the variants of solving the housing problem in Moscow at the beginning of the 20th century.
Keywords: Russian empire, cooperation, housing problem, Moscow.

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