Magazine’s content № 4 2017

Actual theme: To the 180th anniversary of the death of A.S. Pushkin

T.V. Sharmanova. A.S. Pushkin in history lessons.
The article is devoted to the problem of relevance of Pushkin’s legacy for modern students. The author reveals the role of Pushkin in the modern culture, shows the possibility of the use of fragments of literary and historical works of A. S. Pushkin on the lessons of history, provides some examples of creative tasks.
Keywords: russian culture, creativity, heritage of A.S. Pushkin.

O.N. Naumov. Rhode Pushkin: problems of studying.
This article discusses complex problems that have accumulated in examining the kind of Pushkin: genealogical, antroponimia, cognitive, source.
Keywords: Pushkin, genealogy, family, nobility, antroponimika.

History and Society

A.N. Grebenkin. The reforms in the sphere of military education in Russia in the 2nd half of XIX — the beginning of XX century: sociocultural aspects.
The article deals with the socio-cultural aspects of the main stages of reforming the officer training system in Russia in the second half of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. And the characteristics of the results of military-educational reforms are given.
Keywords: Russian officer corps, military education, cadet corps, military school, military training school.

V.P. Popov. Soviet concept of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
The article reveals certain aspects of the debatable issues of modern historical science and school history.
Keywords: Soviet concept of the Great Patriotic War, the border battle, blitzkrieg, preventive war, the Russian people, social psychology.

A.I. Tetuev. Interethnic dialogue of cultures as a basis of consolidation of the Russian society and formation of civil identity.
In article the operational experience of establishments of an education system and culture of region in consolidation of a multiethnic Russian society and formation of the all-Russian civil identity is investigated.
Keywords: ethnic generality, education, language, the literature, upbringing, culture, mutual understanding, consolidation, identity.

A.E. Menshikov. Socialist Academy of Social Sciences As the first Soviet educational and research center.
This article describes the main reasons for the creation of the the Communist Academy and the features of the organizational period of the Academy existence and priority directions of its activities in 1918-1919.
Keywords: ideology, Socialist Academy, educational work, agitation. СРС.


O.Yu. Strelova, E.E. Vyazemsky. The program additional professional education (training) modern History lesson: from concept to results (module — 48 h).
The program is addressed to history teachers of primary and secondary school who learn the requirements of standard OO to comprehensive results about the future of education and the Professional standard of the teacher.
Keywords: program of additional professional education of history teachers, General pedagogical professional competence, comprehensive results General education.

S.F. Amanov, N.P. Pigaleva. Lesson-workshop «The Life and improvement of County-level cities at the turn of XIX — beginning of XX centuries» (on materials of Kostroma and Yaroslavl provinces).
The methodological development of an embodiment referring to the everyday life of county-level cities at the turn of XIX-XX centuries. This makes it possible to see the changes and challenges, to correlate them with the present, allows you to create an interest in historical research.
Keywords: landscaping, home, city Council, water supply, technical progress.

Young scientists’ works

E.V. Mukhanova. Creation and functioning of robbery and detective orders in the XVI-XVII centuries.
The article gives a brief overview of the history of formirovania and strengthening of the Central Executive and the judicial police of the Russian state in Russia in the XVI-XVII centuries.
Keywords: order of rogue detective order, administrative and judicial bodies, law enforcement agencies.

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