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Actual theme: An alternative textbook history (continued)

E.N. Abdulaev, A.Y. Morozov, N.V. Zabusova. An alternative textbook history. Variant practical realization.
The material shows a variation of the presentation of the content and organization of educational activities alternative to that offered in the traditional history textbook.
Keywords: the new generation of textbooks, textbook history, alternative history textbook.

History and Society

B.N. Mironov. The concepts and paradigms of modern historiography (extension).
The article describes the theoretical views, prevailing in the historic community.
Keywords: Russian empire, domestic policy, reform, revolution.

A.B. Ananchenko, V.P. Popov, V.G. Tsvetkov, D.O. Churakova. Difficult questions of the XX century Russian history.
Article reveals some aspects of the discussion of issues of modern historical scholarship and school history.
Keywords: difficult issues of Russian history, the price of victory in the Great Patriotic war.

V.N Zamulin. Defeating the enemy was easier than laziness and inertia of their own commanders.
On the basis of declassified documents from the Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation considered the state of the rear of the Voronezh Front troops and field armies in the spring of 1943.
Keywords: preparation, the Battle of Kursk, the rear, the Voronezh Front, General of the Army N.F. Vatutin.

A.V. Ganin. How many military specialists («voenspezy») were there in the Red army? The division of Russian officer corps during the Civil war in the mirror of statistics.
The article is devoted to the statistical overview of the participation of Russian officer corps in the events of the Civil war in Russia 1917-1922. The findings touch the personnel capacities of all the camps of the Civil war.
Keywords: Russian Civil war, Russian officer corps, Red army, White movement.

D.M. Kotyshev. The Formation of the State of Rus’ in IX–X centuries.
The article describes the evolution of the early state formation «Russian land» that emerged in the Middle Dnieper in the tenth century.
Keywords: Ancient Rus, Kievan Rus, the Russian land, the Middle Dnieper, multipolitiya Vladimir Svyatoslavich, Yaroslav the Wise, Oleg Svyatoslavich, Vladimir Monomakh, Yaropolk Vladimirovich, Vsevolod II.


A.N. Joffe. Civilization card as a systematic approach to understanding the meaning of historical events students.
The article presents an attempt to offer a methodological model of systematization of historical events in the civilization card format. We consider the structural elements of the model — guidelines, factors and areas of public life. A historical examples and is resting on the documents.
Keywords: civilization, culture, areas of public life, the factors of the historical process, demographic trends, social energy, time in history.

A.V. Uriadova. Comics on the lessons of history and social science.
Article dedicates to comics on historical and social problems during the lessons of history and social studies. It subscribes the role of graphic novel in educational process, gives the real examples.
Keywords: comics, graphic novel, lesson, history, social studies.

Uniform State Exam

D.V. Charykov. «Syntactic» and «semantic» tasks in the Unified State Examination in history: to a problem of creation of effective system of preparation in the senior classes.
The article discusses the main problems of preparation for the exam on the history of high school. Formulated the principles of building an effective system of preparation for the exam on the history based on the proposed division of tasks USE on the history on the «syntactic» and «semantic».
Keywords: USE and GIA, high school.

V.P. Kiselev. Financial institutions and the banking system: the training to prepare for the exam.
Training to prepare for EGE and GIA.
Keywords: social science, Uniform State Exam.

Young scientists’ works

G.A. Goncharov. Sketches of everyday life of a young man during the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War years. (On materials of the Kirov region)
The given publication represents attempt to track the basic conditions of an everyday life of the young man of the period of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 on an example of rear area — the Kirov region.
Keywords: Daily occurrence, youth, war, formation, employment in the industry and in agriculture, a standard of living, consumption of the basic goods and services, distinctions of conditions in a city and in village.

P.V. Kononov. Monastic servants on deposit book of the Solovetsky Monastery.
The article demonstrated the possibility of using materials of the Solovetsky Monastery supplementary books for the study of the participation of the monastery servants in economic activities of the monastery of the Russian North with prosopographic method of studying mass sources.
Keywords: Solovetsky monastery, contribution book, the monastery servants, «business biography», prosopographic research, contributions, monastic people.

N.P. Khlopkova. The first defense of Sevastopol in 1960-1970 years of Soviet historiography.
The article describes the characteristics of Soviet historiography of the defense of Sevastopol during the Crimean war in the Brezhnev period. The evolution of the views of local researchers on these events.
Keywords: the theory of official nationality, class approach, imperialism, feudal system.

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