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Actual theme: Fiction in the teaching of history and social science

A.N. Joffe. Fiction in the teaching of history and social science.
The article draws attention to the importance of reading fiction. The possibilities of its use on the lessons of history and social science. Recommendations on teachers artistic works that are interesting to read and useful in teaching.
Keywords: reader’s culture, metasubject, interdisciplinary communication, education results, readers literacy, dignity.

L.V. Bychkova. Methodological aspects of the use of fiction at the lessons of social studies in 5-6 grades to prepare students for the state final examination.
The article deals with questions of the use of texts of fiction in the social studies lessons in V-VI classes. in the aspect of preparing students for the state final examination.
Keywords: state final examination, the requirements of the GEF to the level of training of graduates in social science, text from works of fiction, exercise-based text.

A.-R.V. Chepikova. «Boris Godunov» by A.S. Pushkin. In search of truth.
The article aims to conduct interdisciplinary connections within the teaching of school subjects of history and literature.
Keywords: allusion, realism, historicism, biographical method, time, space.

History and Society

N.D. Postnikov. Letters from war as a historical source of the First World War. For example, fighting on Rawka River in January 1915.
The article presents a study letters from the front of one of the battles of the First World War as the most important historical source.
Keywords: letters from the front, the First world war, a historical source, Rawka.

Z.A. Batueva, M.G. Tsyrenova. Letters from the front as the sources of family and historical memory.
The article attempts to reconstruct the past military pal party Ch.B.Budaeva war.
Keywords: daily, epistolary heritage, letters from the front, the Great Patriotic War, family history, family archive, biography, source.

R.Z. Almayev. The role of discussion and debate in the educational community of the country and southern urals during the preparation of the school reform of 1958.
The Article studies the problem of effective discussion in the educational community of the country and Southern Urals during the preparation of the secondary school reform in 1958.
Keywords: school reform, discussion, debate, teachers congress.


E.P. Maksimenko. Teaching social studies: the use of illustrative material in the study of the section «Politics».
Methodical development devoted to the use of an exemplary didactic material on the social studies lessons on «Politics».
Keywords: social studies, fundamentals of political science, visual teaching methods, the functions of the state, posters.

E.F. Teplova. The decision of the methodological problems in the teaching module course FRCSE.
The article discusses the main issues related to the teaching of integrated modular course «Fundamentals of religious cultures and secular ethics». Practical recommendations for overcoming the difficulties encountered in teaching FRCSE modules.
Keywords: fundamentals of religious cultures and secular ethics, modular course.

E.S. Mandanova. The formation of universal educational actions in history lessons in the V class.
The problem of formation of skills in the secondary school is considered in the article.
Keywords: Federal State Educational Standard of general education, skills.

Ye.А. Kryuchkova. The didactic potential of history as a school subject in creating a Russian national identity in high school students.
The article looks at how Russian national identity can be developed in high school students through teaching of history in high school.
Keywords: education, socialisation, identity, Russian national identity, basic national values, value based relationships, spiritual and moral education, historic and cultural standard, social and historical self-identification.

Uniform State Exam

I.A. Shchurinova. Working with historical map: reasons for the difficulties pupils and techniques to overcome them.
On the basis of analysis of the reasons the difficulties of pupils when working with historical maps offers techniques to overcome them in history lessons.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, historical maps, training skills.

Young scientists’ works

V.V. Telitsyn. The political and socio-cultural space of the North-East and North-West Russia in the second half of XIV — early XV century.
The article deals with the political and socio-cultural making of the Russian state in the second half of XIV — early XV century.
Keywords: russian statehood, the second half of XIV – early XV century.

V.Y. Bochko. The separatism of Texas as a segment of integration process to USA: 1845-1861.
This article describes the Texas problem of separatism before the American Civil War. The cause of separatism, chronology of Texans attitude to the problem of southern radicalism and the southern secession has been studied in the article.
Keywords: modern history, regional history, antebellum USA, domestic policy.

A.G. Konstantinova. Social and cultural environment of Ural closed nuclear cities in the 1990.
The article deals with the problem of social and cultural transformations during the 1990s in the conditions of Ural closed administrative territorial formations (CATF).
Keywords: social and cultural environment, closed administrative territorial formations (CATF), closed nuclear city.

A.V. Charchenko. Gubernky reform 1708-1710 and her evaluation by scientists. On example history of Pomestny prikaz.
This article analyzes provincial reform 1708-1710 years on the example of the history of the Local Order. The various historians estimate.
Keywords: Russian empire, reform, Pomestny prikaz, decentralization.

A.A. Dmitrienko. Why Baltic refugees preferred to live in St. Petersburg and surrounding towns during the First World War?
The paper first examines why the Baltic refugees preferred to settle near the capital of the Russian Empire Petrograd and in the surrounding towns. In the article were taped material and psychological reasons for this phenomenon.
Keywords: refugees from Baltic Sea area, FIrst world war, refugees’ phsycology.

S.G. Kulikova. Social and economic practicians of zemets of the second half of XIX-the beginning of the XX centuries.
On materials of the Novotorzhsky district zemstvo of the Tver province, social and economic practicians of zemets of the second half of XIX – the beginning of the XX centuries are considered, their productivity is estimated.

N.G. Fedina. Formation of the Russian historiography of a foreign campaign of the Russian army of 1813-1814 in the first half of the XIX century.
The main attention is paid to studying the history of the establishment of а foreign campaigns of the Russian army of 1813-1814 in the first half of the XIX century an example of works by D.P Buturlin and I.A. Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky.
Keywords: foreign campaigns of the Russian army in 1813–1814, Patriotic war of 1812, the Napoleonic wars, the historiography of the war of 1812, D.P. Buturlin, I.A. Michajlovskiy-Danilevskiy.

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