Magazine’s content № 3 2016

Actual theme: Civic education

P.G. Polozhevets, A.N. Joffe. Grazhdanovedchesky image of modern Russian education.
Article explained main results National Issue of Citizenship education in Russia. Situation in education area was analysis from civics context. Included recommendation in development citizenship education in Russia and information about changes in teacher’s training system.
Keywords: National issue, citizenship education, local community, social problems.

L.V. Bychkova. Formation of an image of a citizen teenagers at lessons of social science in VIII-IX classes and after school.
The article considers the problem of formation of teenagers image of the citizen with regard to their age peculiarities on the example of the author’s design classes for students in grades 8-9 «We are Russians».
Keywords: teen, image of the citizen, civic identity, and values.

History and Society

A.B. Izyumsky. Difficult questions in today’s school textbooks.
This article discusses the treatment of «difficult questions» about the Great Patriotic War in the history textbooks of the new line.
Keywords: history textbook, difficult questions, the Great Patriotic War.

E.A. Letunovski. The museums of England of the first half of the XIX century through the estimation of the Russian travelers.
This article analyzes the characteristics of museums in England the first half of the XIX century on the basis of notes of Russian travelers of the time.
Keywords: Russian traveler, English Parliament, culture, science, museum, gallery, exhibition, collection, exposition, exhibit, masterpiece, archeology, painting, canvas, sculpture.

A.G. Mihaylik. Weekdays of the «small war»: activities of the reconnaissance groups of 2nd Ukrainian Front in December 1944.
The article is devoted to the actions of the intelligence group of the 2nd Ukrainian Front in December 1944.
Keywords: Hungary, World War II, 2nd Ukrainian Front, reconnaissance groups.


I.Y. Sinelnikov. Are the teachers work «in a new way»: analysis of the experience of work with sources in history lessons.
The article discusses the understanding and implementation of modern history teachers presented at the GEF new approaches to teaching. And summarizes the findings.
Keywords: FSES, history, expertise, skill, information sources, metasubject results, education.

E.V.Simonova, I.A. Schcurinova. Summarizing lesson for section «Russian Empire during the Reign of Nicolas I».
In the article the variants to conduct the summarizing lessons in accordance with historical-cultural standard are suggested by the example of the section of the textbook dedicated to Russian Empire in the 2nd quarter of the XIXth century.
Keywords: Russian Empire, Nicholas I, educational activity, summarizing lesson, competences, historical and cultural standard.

Uniform State Exam

V.P. Kiselev. Training for the Constitution of the Russian Federation in preparation for the exam.
This material is a training on the Constitution of the Russian Federation in preparation for the uniform state exam.
Keywords: Constitution of the Russian Federation, uniform state exam, training.

A.Y. Lazebnikova, E.L. Rutkovskaya. USE of the social: it showed us look «inside».
The material is devoted correspondence debate on the social studies uniform state exam tasks.
Keywords: uniform state exam for social studies, discussion of problems, improving job.

A.Y. Morozov. Preparation for the exam tasks in world history.
Training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Young scientists’ works

Kulikova S.G. Zemets-conservators at the end of XIX-the beginning of the XX century: a political portrait at the time background.
The author of article on the basis of archival materials recreates a political portrait of the zemets-conservative of the end of XIX — the beginning of the XX century.
Keywords: zemstvo, conservators, the end of XIX – the beginning of the XX century.

T.A. Krasnitskaya. Organization of courses for techers of two class church school in pre-Revolutionary Russia.
The author considers the question of organization of pedagogical courses for two-class church school teachers in Russia at the end of XIX — the beginning XX century and gives analysis of their location, the staff of participants and program of training.
Keywords: pedagogical courses, two-class church school, teacher.

S.Y. Grechko. The establishment of primary education among the Don Cossacks in the first half of the XIX century (on materials Ust-Medveditsa District of the Don Cossacks).
The article considers the process of the establishment of primary education among the Don Cossacks in the first half of the XIX century by the example of Ust-Medveditsa District.
Keywords: primary education, primary schools, Don Cossacks, Ust-Medveditsa District.

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