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Actual theme: All-Russia interuniversity scientific-practical conference «Problems of teaching history and the humanities in the school: Traditions and Innovations» in memory of Professor M.T. Studenikin

E.E. Vyazemsky. Tendencies of development of the general historical education and teacher training for the modern Russian school.
The article discusses the features of the «digital generation» students, which was formed under the influence of global information challenges XXI century Reveals the characteristic features of modern teaching corps, there are shown the position of teachers in relation to the exam.
Keywords: the «digital generation», the features of the teaching corps of the Russian Federation, the challenges of the XX1 century and General historical education, tendencies of development of system of General historical education, objectives of teacher training for modern school.

M.V. Korotkova. M.T. Studenikin pedagogical legacy and tendences of development modern history education.
The article devoted to the principal aspects of M.T. Studenikin pedagogical legacy — scientist of ХХ century. Special attention is paid to the influense of his systhematic ideas on the modern methods of teaching and studies.
Keywords: metodos of teaching, history of metodos of teaching, elementary course of history, choice of historical material, laboratory metod, problem metod, dramatic metod.

I.M. Osmolovskaya. Tendencies of development of the Russian education.
Tendencies of development of Russian education which are also traced in foreign education, and tendencies, specific to Russian school, are shown in the article. Questions of introduction of educational standards are taken up, changes in process of training at it’s construction in the information and education environment are designated.
Keywords: education, development, educational standards, training in the information and education environment.

M.L. Nesmelova. Approaches to implementing the metasubject requirements of the Federal state educational standard on the lessons of history and social studies.
The article deals with the implementation of the lessons of history and social requirements of the GEF metasubject general education learning outcomes.
Keywords: Federal state educational standard, educational standards, learning outcomes, metasubject, history, social studies, lesson of history, lesson of social studies.

History and Society

O.N. Naumov. Heraldic Culture of the Russian nobility: problem.
The article was first introduced in the national historiography and interpreted the concept of «fleur-de-culture», considered its formation, the characteristics of the problems of existence and study.
Keywords: culture, heraldry, coat of arms, nobility.

B.N. Naydenko. Before and after the «secret protocols» of 1939: what you need to oppose the falsifiers of history.
The article mentions the need to fight against falsification of history of the Second world war on the basis of application of elements of methodology of historical science. We consider the concrete historical situation.
Keywords: Second world war, soviet-polish and soviet-baltic relations, falsification of history.

L.M. Lyashenko, S.V. Tyrin. On the estimate of the reign of Nicholas I.
The author of the article tries to give an objective assessment of the period of the reign of Nicholas I, and to clarify the causes of the historiographical discordance on this topic.
Keywords: Nicholas I, the reform of the bureaucracy, the state.

A.E.S. Sarykov. Modernization of traditional forms of industrial production of Russia in the second half of the XIX century (on the example of the Kursk province).
The article reflects the historical period of complex changes taking place in the domestic handicraft industry.
Keywords: domestic industries, agrarian crisis, tovarization of country farms, modernization, differentiation of agriculture and country industry.


A.Y. Teplyakov. Russian-japanese war of 1904-1905: problems of teaching of Russian in high school.
The article investigates the problems of teaching the topic «Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905.» History lessons in the Russian high school.
Kewwords: russo-japanese war, the teaching of history in schools, guidelines.

I.A. Ulyanov. Reflection of Khruschov’s economic policy in jokes.
The article is devoted to the study of reflection of Khruschov’s economic policy in jokes and the application of acquired materials on history lessons.
Keywords: political anecdote, historical events, the era NS Khrushchev.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

M.V. Vinogradova. Interactive board working with cartographic resources.
The article contains a comparative analysis of electronic map resources. The author shows the opportunities of an interactive board’s functioning with animated maps, cartographic mapping workshops and designing.
Keywords: interactive board, historical map, developing education.

Young scientists’ works

K.P. Yershov. Angelica Balabanov and the Italian socialist movement after the Second World War.
This article is about the political activities of Angelica Balabanova in the late 1940 — early 1960. in the ranks of the Italian socialist movement.
Keywords: Italy, the socialist movement, Angelica Balabanova.

L.V. Kuljanov. Socio-cultural image of a member of the State Council of the Russian Empire in the late XIX — early XX century.
The article compare and contrast the social and cultural characteristics of the State Council Russian Empire members in the late XIX and early XX centuries.
Keywords: Russian Empire, the State Council, the end of the XIX century, the beginning of the ХХ century, the reform of 1906.

D.N. Postnikov. An analysis of the program of the Polish Socialist Party in 1893-1906, respectively.
This article analyzes the program of the Polish Socialist Party in 1893-1906, respectively, and the identification of key program requirements.
Keywords: Polish Socialist Party, the economic rights, the party program, the national question.

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