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Actual theme: The educational project of the Museum-panorama «The Battle of Borodino»

L.V. Mitroshenkova. Educational activities at the museum: the project «Museum panorama for teachers».
The article outlines the goals, objectives and content of the museum project aimed at the development of the educational activities of the museum and effective interaction with teachers within the schools have changed the paradigm of education and administration of the federal state educational standards.
Keywords: museum, educational activities of the museum, museum project, secondary education, Federal State Educational Standard.

L.V. Mitroshenkova. Materials for training sessions in history for Class VIII «Journey to the era of 1812».
Materials developed in the framework of the educational project «Museum panorama for the teacher». These materials are advanced thematic guides to the museum and targeted at teachers interested in innovative approaches to the creation of a lesson in the use of open educational technology and are tailored curriculum and requirements of the GEF.
Keywords: museum project, educational activities at the museum, theme guide, War of 1812, the foreign campaigns of the russian Army 1813-1814.

M.A. Shamova. Training sessions on literature and history «At Borodino Lermontov».
Museum-panorama «Borodino Battle» offers a training session on the poem MY Lermontov’s «Borodino», developed by the educational technology «Development of critical thinking through reading and writing».
Keywords: training session at the museum, the technology «Development of critical thinking through reading and writing», innovative teaching methods, the study of cultural heritage.

O.N.Machekhina, I.S.Machekhin. Training session «Thunder-storm 1812 year» The museum-panorama «The Battle of Borodino».
The article gives examples of tasks to enhance the cognitive activity of students during the training session at the museum-panorama «Borodino Battle», developed in accordance with the requirements of the federal state educational standards.
Keywords: training session, federal state educational standards, personality, metasubject, subject learning outcomes, educational technology, interdisciplinary communication in the teaching of history.

S.V. Dudchik. Tutoring position guide the implementation of the student’s educational activities at the museum.
Professional activities guide different implementation in practice tutor positions in support of educational activities in the student’s Museum.
Keywords: tutor, tutor support, educational activities of a student tutor position guide.

History and Society

S.V. Rudnik. The Great Victory. The Great Patriotic War in the pages of a school textbook.
The material is devoted to review chapters of the new history textbook for Class X, dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.
Keywords: Great Patriotic War, historical and cultural standard of the Soviet people, the victory.

R.V. Pazin. «Conservative liberalism» PB Struve and the problem of terrorism.
The article is devoted political views PB Struve and their transformation in the period 1901-1910.
Keywords: P.B. Struve, conservative liberalism, government terror, nationalism.

O.V. Zdzvizhkov, E.N. Kontsova. The film «Four Days in May» or another historical forgery.
The article provides a critical analysis of the movie «4 days in May» and the underlying essay of D. Fost «Russkaya Bylina» (Russian epic).
Keywords: Great Patriotic war, historic memory, historic source.


I.V. O.G. Dolgovyh, S.N. Uvarov, S.V. Fadeev. The problem of coverage of the anti-alcohol campaign M.S. Gorbachev in school history course.
In school history course anti-alcohol campaign of M.S. Gor-bachev is evaluated negatively, including the main arguments are the losses of the budget and the discontent of bursts. But in fact the losses were not so great, and the campaign had a beneficial impact on demographic processes.
Keywords: anti-alcohol campaign in school history course, demographic processes.

O.V. Gugnina. Metasubject approach at the lesson of Social Science.
The article reveals the features of using a meta approach to teaching social studies, which is in modern conditions necessary response to the challenges of our time.
Keywords: meta approach, the standard second-generation, social studies, world view, the picture of the world.

V.O. Gusakova. Organization of the project activity of senior pupils devoted «Great Victory» in the process of the spiritual and moral education.
In the article are given the recommendations about the organization of the project activity of senior pupils in important questions «Great Victory» through actualization in them of the emotional and existential experiences of the heroic feats in the Great Patriotic War.
Keywords: the Great Patriotic War, victory, project activity, the Fatherland, spiritual and moral education.

Uniform State Exam

V.P. Kiselev. Plan complex type: work on the bugs.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, society.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

Z.N. Tsapalina. Lesson on the topic: «The political fragmentation in Russia. Earth and Principality specific Rus».
This methodical development is designed to deepen the knowledge on the topic «The political fragmentation in Russia». Materials can be used in a modular fashion.
Keywords: political fragmentation, specific Rus, goal-setting, historical document.

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