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Actual theme: Civic spirit

A.N. Joffe. Civil predisposition and values of Russian schoolchildren: a program evaluation grazhdanovedcheskogo education in Russia (VIII class).
The article deals with the evaluation of the quality of education grazhdanovedcheskogo in modern Russia. Shows the possible approaches to the assessment of dispositions and values of civil-patriotic among today’s youth.
Keywords: civics education, civic spirit, patriotism.

M.A. Malafeeva. Questions of civic consciousness in the Strategy of the state national policy of the Russian Federation.
The article considers and analyzes the Strategy of the state national policy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025, in order to identify the level of illumination, and hence the relevance, questions related to civic consciousness.
Keywords: ethnos, civic consciousness, state national policies, education.

O.N. Machekhina. The implementation of the educational potential of educational technology in the work of the teacher.
Article draws attention to the mainstreaming of becoming a citizen of Russia in the modern system of education and the legal framework of the state policy in this direction. The author examines the educational potential of educational technology in the work of the teacher.
Keywords: education, a Russian citizen, educational technology, activism, social and education context.

History and Society

A.M. Rodin. From the history of history textbooks.
The article is dedicated to 1932-1937 campaign of invention of history schoolbooks. It was held under the direction of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of CPSU (b) and with personal participation of  I.V. Stalin, Secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee A.A. Zhdanov and People’s Commissar of Education A. S. Bubnov. Authors of schoolbooks were famous Soviet historians.
Keywords: schoolbooks, elementary and secondary school, People’s Commissariat of Education, the Central Committee of the Party. I.V. Stalin, A.A. Zhdanov, A.S. Bubnov, M.N. Pokrovsky, A.M. Pankratova.

M.S. Aydemirova. Crime and punishment: juvenile crime in England in the first half of the XIX century.
The evolution of the ideas about juvenile delinquency in the British society in the end of the XVIII — first half of the XIX c. is regarded in this article in connection with general changes in attitudes towards children.
Keywords: juvenile delinquency, causes, larceny, prison, correction.

Towards the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory
V.P. Popov. Border battle initial stage of the Great Patriotic War.
The article describes the events of the initial stage of the Great Patriotic War, the reasons of the failure of the Red Army, the value of cross-border fighting.
Keywords: The Great Patriotic War, the border battle, the Red Army, preventive war.

I.N. Shumejko. Municipal government and economy of Moscow from its origins to the reforms of Prince VM Golitsyn.
The article considers the peculiarities of economic and political life of Moscow, folding techniques and style of city management, the mentality of urban elites. Particular attention is given to overcome patriarchal urban governance.
Keywords: Moscow City Duma, Moscow mayor, city government, the infrastructure of Moscow abroad XIX-XX centuries.

N.M. Syazi. Theory of polyethnic culture: substance and essence.
The basic assumptions of the polyethnic culture are presented. The definitions of the notion «polyethnic culture» are analyzed and the authors interpretation of the polyethnic culture is offered.
Keywords: polyethnic culture, essence of  polyethnic culture, ethnos, ethnic self-consciousness.


O.D. Mishina. The methodology of teaching social studies lessons in high school based on the mastery learning technique.
The basic stages of realization of the mastery learning technique at the social studies classes are described in the article.
Keywords: the methodology of teaching social studies lessons, the mastery learning technique.

N.V. Borovikova. Entrepreneurship and Business: methodical development of the social studies lesson in class VI.
The article presents the methodological development of the lesson on «Entrepreneurship and business».
Keywords: business, entrepreneurship, innovation, capital manager.

I.A. Ulyanov., I.V. Chernakova. School club program «Musical Chronicle».
This article is a description of school club program «Musical Chronicle». It’s dedicated to studying of heroic pages of Russia’s history on the basis of Russian music traditions (historical operas).
Keywords: out-of-class learning, interdisciplinary connections, person in history.

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov. Historical and geographical training on Soviet foreign policy in the postwar period.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Young scientists’ works

Sabitova A.T. Documentary film helps history teacher by talking about the Republic of Tatarstan.
The article is devoted to improving the quality of education through the use of documental films at history lessons. The author shows how, using video tutorials, you can effectively combine the regional component and basic course of The History of Russia.
Keywords: tutorial video, documentary film, regional component of educational content, Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Kazan newsreel studio.

S.B. Manyshev. The main trends in the development of military medicine in the North Caucasus in the first half of the XIX century.
According to the big amount of materials and resources (already published and first brought into operation) the article gives an overview about the formation of the North Caucasus public health system in the first part of the 19 century.
Keywords: history of the health, the Caucasian war, hospital.

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