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Actual theme: Competition Types of identity

A.N. Joffe. Identity today: understanding the problem and the way to becoming Russian civic identity through education.
The article discusses the types of identity, their hierarchy. Particular attention is drawn to the civic identity. Showing factors and the role of education in the process of identity formation.
Keywords: identity, worldview, species identity, civil identity, anomie, globalization, tolerance, civic, social mobility, migration, fundamentalism, suggestibility.

M.V. Koroleva. Exercises for the lessons of history social studies, extracurricular activities for the realization of personal and social identity.
The article provides practical guidance on the application of the exercises in the classroom, which will allow students to reflect on their identity and make a choice.
Keywords: identity, socialization, values.

L.V. Bychkova (Mostyaeva). Methodical aspects of formation of legal consciousness of students as a key element of civic identity.
This article discusses techniques and methods of formation of legal consciousness of students as a key element of civic identity. Emphasis is placed on the different ways of working with text in class.
Keywords: civic identity, justice, work with text, techniques and methods of organizing the activities of students in the classroom.

M.A. Malafeeva. Ethnic and religious identity: content of the concepts and the current state.
The article describes and analyzes the concept, historical context and contemporary state of civil identity on ethnic and religious levels.
Keywords: globalization, ethnicity, religion, identity, self-identification.

History and Society

V.B. Degoev. Oh, if it were not for the war … the Caucasus!
Based on an analysis of historical material, the author proposes a hypothetical option of preventing the Caucasian War of XIX century.
Keywords: Caucasian war, Sheikh-Mansour, the Chechens.

P.Y. Saveliev. Political institutions and the political process in Ukraine at the beginning of the XX century.
This article analyzes the history textbooks in Ukraine for the X class. The examples of substitution of concepts, silence and distortion of historical facts.
Keywords: textbook history of Ukraine, the political process, factual errors. 


E.K. Kalutskaya. Realization of the idea of sustainable development in the course of social science.
The author proposes to consider social science module and the right as a springboard for the realization of the idea of sustainable development in the school.
Keywords: sustainable development, the module right, raising new identity.

M.T. Studenikin. Heuristic learning in pre-revolutionary Russian school.
This article contains recommendations about heuristic tuition in Russian schools on the 19th and early 20th century.
Keywords: tuition, heuristic, intellectual activity, truth, comparison and inferences, conclusion, association.

V.N. Yanusheusky. Study design: methodology, technique, practice.
The material is devoted to the method of implementation of individual and collective projects under the new GEF. Are examples of a collective project.
Keywords: instructional design, individual and collective projects, thematic approach.

M.S. Lachman. A history lesson on the theme: «Great Russian peasantry and the Stolypin agrarian reform».
The author presented the methodical development of a lesson on the Stolypin agrarian reforms.
Keywords: agrarian reform Russian village, P.A. Stolypin.

L.A. Chebotaeva. Social project for class X «This is our land, and we are responsible for it».
The project aims to form of pupils’ active citizenship, social responsibility, patriotism, develops the skills of legal culture, knowledge about the fundamentals of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation.
Keywords: Constitution of the Russian Federation, the nature preservation, civil liability. 

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov. Historical and geographical training in the defeat of Germany and Japan in 1945.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections. 

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

L.A. Zhuravleva. The lesson for class VII «Popular movements in the XVII century».
Methodical development lesson on popular movements and revolts XVII.
Keywords: popular uprising, service people, dissenters. 

Young scientists’ works

N.A. Sidorenko. Economic and cultural component mirgratsy population in Crimea in 1940-1950.
Drawing on a wide range of archival sources and literature, to examine the progress and methods of mass migration in the form of agricultural resettlement in Crimea.
Keywords: migration, deportation, Crimea, economic and cultural factors, economic culture, resettlement.

P.G. Kim. Сontradictions between the US and China in Korea in 1883-1887.
Based on the analysis of US diplomatic documents, foreign literature describes the difficulties in US-China relations in Korea in 1883-1887.
Keywords: US policy in Korea, international relations in the Far East at the end of the XIX century.

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