Magazine’s content № 9 2014

Actual theme: Competition «Modern Lesson»

N.F. Kritskaya. Lesson for the X class on «Forms of government».
The material is a lesson authoring for X class on «Forms of government».
Keywords: form of government, the political regime, the monarchy and republic.

A.A. Zavyalova. Soviet foreign policy on the eve of World War II (a lesson in class XI).
Author predlashaet original methodological developments in the foreign policy of the Soviet Union on the eve of The Second World War.
Keywords: USSR, foreign affairs, lesson.

R.V. Pazin. Analysis of statistical information of the XVIII century (a lesson in class X).
In this paper an algorithm for the lesson on the analysis of statistical information on the lessons of history for the X class. The lesson is not focused on a particular textbook, and is intended for the formation and development of universal learning actions under the new GEF.
Keywords: statistical information, historical facts, creative tasks.


History and Society

V.V. Dolgov. Slavs, Rus and Muscovy or Ukrainian propaganda divides the «Old Russian heritage».
This paper investigates the system of techniques of modern Ukrainian propaganda. The author pays special attention to the theme of «heritage of Ancient Rus».
Keywords: Ancient Russia, Ukraine, propaganda.

V.Y. Zakharov. How many modernizations were in the history of Russia?
The article examines the criteria for upgrading and modernization of the number of attempts in the history of Russia. Attempt to provide a definition of copyright modernization and identify criteria for modernization.
Keywords: definition of modernization, criterions of modernization, amounts of modernization, reforms in Russia, history of Russia.

B.N. Naydenko. «Winter War» and its outcome (the 75th anniversary of the Soviet-Finnish War of 1939-1940).
The article is devoted to the results of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940. Based on a variety of sources are the statistics of losses of both armies.
Keywords: Soviet-Finnish War, Mannerheim Line, the combat readiness of the army.



A.R. Fayzullina, F.A. Saglam. Methods and forms of organization of training activities on the lessons of history.
This material will help shape students’ ability to work with a variety of historical sources, the ability to develop their own position, to create the conditions for the experience of evaluation activity of historical events and phenomena.
Keywords: methods of teaching history, educational technology, interactive teaching methods.

V.O. Gusakova. Iconography of saint Sergius Radonezhskiy in the context of the spiritual and  moral tducation of the senior pupils.
Iconography  of saint Sergius Radonezhskiy reveals the epoch of the spiritual and moral uplift of Russia before the senior pupils; it motivate them to the formation of life strategy on patriotic idea.
Keywords: Saint Sergius Radonezhskiy, icon, senior pupils, serve the Fatherland.

R.Z. Almaev. On the Peculiarities of the Treatment of the History of Foreign Countries in School Textbooks in the Soviet Union, Great Britain and France in 1940-1960.
Material is devoted to the analysis of the contradictions in the concepts of the content of the material in the Soviet, British and French textbooks in the 1940-1960 years.
Keywords: school textbooks, foreign history, Cold War, ideology, ethnocentrism.


Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov. Historical and geographical training for military action in the first period of the Great Patriotic War.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.


Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

A.S. Gulin. The use of modern forms of learning in the classroom using infrared technology.
Material devoted to a review of contemporary forms of learning in the classroom with the use of infrared technology. Provides links to online resources.
Keywords: modern educational concept, whiteboard, webinar.


Young scientists’ works

R.V. Funk. Features of teaching an elective course «The history of the representative branch of power in Russia».
Article is devoted to the preparation and realization of elective courses on History within profile education of pupils. Based on the analysis of the pedagogical experiment’s results the author offers guidelines for elective course «The history of the representative branch of power in Russia».
Keywords: pedagogical experiment, profile education, elective courses, History.


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