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Actual theme: Electronic textbook in teaching history

A.S. Gulin. Electronic textbook: presentation of the content and organization of learning activities.
The article is devoted to the electronic version of a paper on the history textbook. Gives an example of the development of the theme with the use of electronic aids.
Keywords: electronic textbook, history.

History and Society

A.A. Beskov. The problem of coverage of the topic of East Slavic paganism in school history course.
This paper shows that Russian school textbooks give distorted information about paganism of the Eastern Slavs. The author substantiates the importance of the topic and the need to strictly scientific coverage of its.
Keywords: Slavic paganism, textbooks, education, nationalism.

A.V. Stavitskiy. Myth about Ukraine as a colony of the Russian Empire.
The article examines the validity of the mythologies, which claims that Ukraine was a colony of Russia.
Keywords: historical mythology of Ukraine, Ukraine — a colony of the Russian Empire.

A.N. Joffe. Using stories and parables in the social sciences.
Material is devoted to the use of stories and parables in the social sciences on the lessons of history and social science.
Keywords: metaphor, stories, parables.


O.N. Machekhina, E.V. Kalaeva. Lesson of the social class of X on «The diversity of the modern world. Interaction of cultures».
The authors propose to design a lesson, the purpose of which is to teach purposeful collective action to find a way to solve problems in a particular situation.
Keywords: design lesson, the modern world, the interaction of cultures.

K.S. Molotov. The role of movies in the organization of cognitive activity of students in the classroom classes IX national history of different forms.
This article focuses on the use of films in history lessons as a means of cognitive activity of schoolchildren.
Keywords: History, form tutorial, cinema, teaching, school.

O.V. Ilyina, I.A. Ulyanov. After-hour work «Khrushchev «thaw» in animation».
The article describes the methodological development of extracurricular work on «The USSR during Khrushchev’s «thaw»» on the basis of Soviet animation.
Keywords: Contemporary history, USSR, out-of-class learning, demonstrativeness.

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov. Historical and geographical training on the territorial growth of the USSR in 1939-1940 and the plan «Barbarossa».
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.
Keywords: Российская империя, domestic policy, self-government.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

V.V. Esaulova. Political ideology. Totalitarianism. Types of totalitarian regimes. Lesson lecture on society for X-XI classes.
Article reviews the types and totalitarian regimes in the XX century.
Keywords: totalitarian fascism, national-socialism, communism.

E.N. Belsky. Scheme in the history of the twentieth century Russia.
Schemes to prepare for the Uniform State Exam.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Young scientists’ works

A.S. Sulakova. The national question and the political parties in Finland in the late XIXth — early XXth century.
The article is devoted to the issues related to the understanding of the criteria for national identity, policy of Russification of Finland, the parties of  the Grand Duchy of Finland and the emergence of «passive resistance» and its transition to the active phase.
Keywords: Grand Duchy of Finland, the policy of Russification, Fennoman movement, passive resistance, Young Finnish Party, The Swedish Party, the Finnish party of active resistance, Konrad Zilliacus.

V.I. Kuznetsov. Transbaikalskaya spiritual mission as a tool for development of territories of Siberia in XVII — XVIII centuries.
The article discusses the tasks and responsibilities of the Trans-Baikal spiritual mission, the activities of which has made a special contribution to the development of Siberia.
Keywords: Daurskaya spiritual mission, Baikal-region, Tsar Fedor, Patriarch Joachim, Symphony, Development of Siberia, Missionary.

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