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Actual theme: 250 years of women’s education in Russia

M.V. Korotkova. Female education in Russia XVIII-XIX centuries: history, traditions and gender pedagogy.
The article is devoted to the traditions of experience of educational institutions for girls in ХVIII-ХIХ ages in Russia. Aims of these institutions, educational content, aspects of educational activity and the results are considered in the sense of gender.
Keywords: programs of girl s institutions, personalized education, benchmark system, encouragements and punishments, gender pedagogy.

Khokhlova M.Y. The legacy of the women’s pre-revolutionary history education in the practice of the modern school.
The article is devoted to the pre-revolutionary experience of teaching history in the women`s schools in Russia at  the XIX — beginning of XX century and the possibility of its using in the practice of modern school.
Keywords: education, system of women school, history education.

T.V. Gudkova. Imaginative reconstruction of the past within the student project «Smolny Institute» in history lessons in class VII.
The author considers the creative reconstruction of the educational process at the Institute for Noble Maidens second half of the XVIII century. in Russia as a form of project activities schoolchildren.
Keywords: project activity, project, shape reconstruction.

History and Society

V.E. Bagdasarian. State historical policy and national security of Russia.
The article analyzes the historical Russian state policy at the present stage. The author points out the obvious errors and mistakes in the teaching of history in schools and suggests ways to correct them.
Keywords: state historical policy, rossiefobiya, perfect story.

E.E.Vyazemsky, IY Sinelnikov. Modern approaches to the design and implementation of the educational potential of school history education.
The article provides approaches and methods through which can be designed and implemented educational potential school history education.
Keywords: upbringing, educational potential, interdisciplinary connections, out-of-class learning.

A.Y. Morozov. Vsesoslovnye rural and urban self-government in Russia: a modern view.
This article analyzes the rural and urban government in school history course.
Keywords: Russian impaire, domestic policy, self-government.

I.V. Balakshina. Dialogue of Church and Secular Culture: On the Question of deological Searches During the Epoch of «The Silver Age».
The author answers the question of why in early XXth century Russia, dialogue between Church and secular culture started to develop actively. Prerequisites, evolution, social, psychological and metaphysical reasons of this phenomenon are being observed.
Keywords: «The Silver Age», the intellectuals, culture, church, ideological searches, seeking God.


R.V. Pazin, L.V. Iskrovskaya. FGOS. The concept of the new educational complex on national history and historical and cultural standard: implementation problems in the given conditions.
The article discusses the problems that indicate poorly prepared and FGOS implementing ICS in school practice.
Keywords: new educational standards, regulations, history teaching.

E.N. Derbin. To the question about organization of power in the ancient Rus in the modern school textbooks (in the context of the requirements of the FGOS and KIM EGE).
The paper studies the question about organization of power in Ancient Rus and its reflection in the modern school textbooks, for example this problem identified difficulties in learning students in the context of new requirements FGOS and successful preparation for the EGE.
Keywords: Kievan Rus, Prince, Veche, Druzhina, textbooks on the history of Russia, the Federal state educational standard, the Single state examination.

N.S. Tseplyaeva, N.L. Karpova, V.F. Mazur. Lesson on «90th anniversary of the liberation of Northeast Russia from foreign invaders and the end of the Civil War in the region».
Material introduces students to active participants in the Civil War in the North-East of Russia in the beginning of the XX.
Keywords: Civil War, the North-East of Russia, historical time.

E.N. Belsky. Scheme in the history of the twentieth century Russia.
Schemes to prepare for the Uniform State Exam.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov. Historical and geographical training in Soviet foreign policy in the 1920-1930.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA..
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Young scientists’ works

A.E. Detsyuk. Ideological, legal and moral aspects of the existence of the Red Banner of the Great Patriotic War.
We have investigated and analyzed the relationship between ideology and banners during the great Patriotic war. Considered the ideological, moral and legal aspects of the existence of the Soviet banners in their correlation and interaction.
Keywords: Red Banner, the Red Army, the Great Patriotic war, the standard system, the sacredness, duty and military Shrine, soldier, military connection, aspects of existence.

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