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Actual theme: Targeting in the teaching of history and social

A.N. Joffe. Targeting in the teaching of history and social science.
This material focuses on the idea of formulating a correct variant of goal-setting in the teaching of history and social science.
Keywords: Targeting, classification, history.

N.F. Kritskaya. Targeting in the practice of teachers.
The paper presents the main ways of language lesson objectives in the practice of teachers.
Keywords: Targeting, the expected result, history.

S.A. Losev, N.F. Kritskaya. Developing lesson course «right». Lesson Focus «Administrative responsibility».
In the article proposes the development of a lesson on the course «right».
Keywords: law, administrative responsibility.

History and Society

N.S. Rozov. An alternative approach to the teaching of national history.
Three conceptual frameworks are suggested as an alternative interpretation of national history: modernization attempts, cycles of state success dynamics and personal freedom dynamics, the circuit trials with changing content.
Keywords: Russian history, history teaching in schools, modernization, cycles of Russian history, historical trials.

V.G. Burkov. The Ambassadorial order in system of the central institutions of medieval Russia.
 The article is devoted to 465 anniversary from the date of the institution of the Ambassadorial order — the central foreign policy department first in Russia.
Ключевые слова: посольский приказ, Боярская дума, Казенный двор, И.М. Висковатый, посольский дьяк.

E.I. Schulepnikova. Why in the 1920s in the schools did not teach history.
There were comprehensive educational programs in 1920s. History as a separated subject wasn’t studied. This article shows the reasons of cancelling the history course.
Keywords: teaching, school, 1920s, comprehensive programs.

O.I. Galkina. Focus-group as a method of studying the historical consciousness of youth.
The author shows the painful problems of the history of some European countries and Russia; reviews practical application of focus groups and gives comparative analysis of the attitude of youth from different countries to these problems.
Keywords: focus-group, painful problems of the history, the Trianon Treaty, collaboration, colonial war, Algerian War.

V.L. Danoyan. Reform of city self-government of Provisional government.
In article the analysis of legislative activity of the Provisional government in the field of city self-government in 1917 carried out. The essence of the main legal acts of Provisional government.
Keywords: local government, сity сouncils, gorodovy situation, legislation, municipalities, reforms, Provisional government.


E.M. Kiryukhina. The use of British artists paintings of the second half of XIX — early XX century for studying the feudal society of Western Europe (in 6th grade).
This article discusses how to use the opportunity and book illustrations and paintings of British artists of the second half of XIX — early XX century history lesson.
Keywords: local government, сity сouncils, gorodovy situation, legislation, municipalities, reforms, Provisional government.

A.S. Mitkin. Quest as a form of generalizing the lesson.
The article gives a practical experience of the lesson-generalization as active games-quest.
Keywords: game, quest, summarizes lessons Middle Ages

D.P. Sarin. New horizons of additional education in the modern school system in the context of teaching history.
The article deals with the practical experience of the school museum covering historical and patriotic activity.
Keywords: museum, additional education, patriotic education.

E.I. Musikhina. Teaching and research activities of high school students in learning history as a condition for the implementation of the FSES.
Article is devoted to the organization of teaching and research activities in a portion to high school students and outside the classroom. Given algorithm and examples.
Keywords: Universal learning activities, historical portrait of the individual, the research method.

Uniform State Exam

T.V. Sharmanova. Materials on the history of culture in preparation for the exam. Theme 7. Culture: Orthodoxy in Russia.
The article is told about the culture of Russia’s different periods of history: you find the tabl, the chronicle definiton’s and tests.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, the culture of Russia.

A.Y. Morozov. Historical and geographical training for industrialization and development of the Arctic in 1920-1930.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Young scientists’ works

N.I. Kobzareva. The content of the concept of «conservatism» in the minds of the older generation of the Russian peasant village of the XIX century.
The article explores the conservatism as a system characteristic of consciousness of the older generation in the Russian peasant village of the XIX century. Based on the folklore, memoirs, fiction, elaborates on the specific manifestations of conservatism.
Keywords: Russian empire, peasantry, old age, conservatism.

N.I. Tribunskih. Introduction of obligatory general education on the Stavropol Territory in the 1930th.
The article deals with the introduction of universal primary education in the Stavropol region in the 1930s. Based on the regional archives and statistical information.
Keywords: USSR, education, state management of education, the Soviet school, wiping out of illiteracy, the Stavropol Territory.

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