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Actual theme: MPGU conference «Contemporary methods of teaching history in schools» in memory of Professor P.V. Gora

M.V. Korotkova. 
P.V. Gora legacy and metodos of teaching and studies during modern time of new pedagogic technology and internet.
The article devoted to the principal aspects of legacy P.V. Gora — scientist of ХХ  сentury. Special attention is paid to the influence of his systematic ideas on the modern methods of teaching and studies.
Keywords: мetodos of teaching, choice of historical material, structural analysis, principal facts, no-principal facts, theory, pedagogic technology, visual aids, reconstruction of historical images, multimedia aids.

M.T. Studenikin.
Modern trends in teaching methodology in school.
The article analyzes the problems of history teaching in schools nowadays. The author notes reducing training as modern teachers and school graduates.
Keywords: modern educational technologies, the teaching of history, education of the citizen.

L.N. Aleksashkina.
School history textbooks in the period of social transformation: the historical and didactic aspects.
The article is devoted sequence evolution history textbooks for Russian schools for more than twenty years of the cycle.
Keywords: school history textbooks, historical content, teaching kit.

M.L. Nesmelova.
Implementation of the requirements of the State educational standards in the school history textbooks.
The article highlights the process of bringing textbooks in line according to the adopted Federal state educational standards primary and high school textbooks as an example of modern history for classes VII and VIII.
Keywords: history textbook, Federal state educational standard, educational standards, basic school.

О.N. Shaparina.
Electronic applications to textbooks.
The article describes the features and types of tasks copyright electronic application to history textbook for grade VI.
Keywords: electronic applications to history textbooks, assignments of varying complexity.

History and Society

I.R. Grazdaninov, D.V. Kiryuhin.
«Adoption of the Tudor dynasty in England» in the history books of the Middle Ages to Russian schools (historiographical aspect).
The article analyses the latest developments in foreign and national historiography on the theme «The Approval of the Tudor dynasty in England» in textbooks on the history of the Middle Ages for Russian schools. Particular attention is given to find the best coverage of the topic in the existing textbooks.
Keywords: teaching, Tudor dynasty, school textbook.

R.V. Pazin.
The question of terror tactics in the Constitutional Democratic Party under the First Russian Revolution, 1905-1907.
The article provides an overview of the relationship to terror liberal political groups in Russia in 1905-1907. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the reasons for the choice of the majority parties of political radicalism.
Keywords: terror, cadet, the State duma, political party.

I.Y. Zaya.
Problems of development of social thought in the Renaissance.
The article is devoted to problems of development of social thought during Renaissance historic period. The author tried to explain an inheritance in the history of social thought development and marked an importance of Renaissance achievements for Modernity.
Keywords: Renaissance, humanity, anthropocentrism, Protestant Reformation, New time, rationalism.

D.A. Nikolaev.
Military-historical reconstruction as a form of study of real military history events: Nizhny Novgorod experience.
The article is devoted to the investigation of  phenomenon of  military historical reconstruction as an actual and demanded form of study of military history and concrete practice of its embodiment.
Keywords: мilitary-historycal reconstruction, military history, military attribute.


O.V. Gugnina.
Using materials of the Constitution of the Russian Federation in teaching social studies.
The article is an example of social studies lesson on the study of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the basis of technology, «Development of critical thinking through reading and writing».
Keywords: Constitution, challenge, reflection, sinkveyn.

D.A. Ershoiv, N.A. Ershova.
Use of art creative technologies  in teaching  Social Studies in high school.
The article deals  with  methodological issues of using  collage, posters and  social demotivational posters in teaching Social Studies at  school. It describes their design methods  at the lessons.
Keywords: еducational activity, high school, art technology, techniques, collage, social poster, demotivational posters.

E.D. Gordina.
Teaching of the subject «History» in a technical college within the educational standards of the third generation.
This article analyzes the state of history education in a technical college at the present stage.  
Keywords: professional education of the third generation, a technical college, educational policy.

Uniform State Exam

T.V. Sharmanova.
Materials on the history of culture to prepare for the exam. Theme 5. Culture of Russia XIX — early XX century (end of article).
The article is told about the culture of Russia’s different periods of history: you find the tabl, the chronicle definiton’s and tests.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, the culture of Russia.

A.Y. Morozov.
Historical and geographical training on the establishment of Bolshevik power in Petrograd and Russia in late 1917 — early 1918.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Young scientists’ works

N.N. Bilim.
Policy of the RCP (b) to oust the non-Communist youth organizations in the 1920-s.
Article is devoted to methods of struggle for influence on young people between the various political parties after the 1917 revolution and the gradual displacement of the non-Communist youth organizations Bolsheviks as the winning party.
Keywords: bolsheviks, mensheviks, party, youth organizations.

T.Y. Khaustova.
School «New TSAGI» during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
 In article on the basis of archival documents and memoirs activity of day comprehensive school of the settlement of Stakhanovo (city of Zhukovsky) of the Moscow region — school of «New TSAGI» — in days of the Great Patriotic War is considered.
Keywords: Stakhanovo’s settlement, Zhukovsky, education, Great Patriotic War.

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