Magazine’s content № 10 2013

Actual theme: Training of history teachers

A.V. Klimenko, M.L. Nesmelova.
Vocational training and certification of teachers of history:
What are the principles of designing the structure of training future teachers of history?
Which subjects should be included in the curriculum for history teachers?
How should the approaches to the organization of the learning process in high school?
What should a final state certification?
Material is devoted to the training and certification of teachers of history, taking into account new Federal government standards of higher education.

Keywords: Federal state educational standards, certification, history.

History and Society

D.Y. Bovykin.
Controversial problems of the history of the French revolution.
The article is devoted to the most difficult and controversial subjects of the French revolution of 18 century, its prerequisites and results.

Keywords: Teaching, school, French revolution of 18th century, feudalism, absolutism, bourgeoisie, Modern history, France.

V.L. Danoyan.
About the tactics of the bolsheviks and results of elections of local government in 1917 in national historiography.
The article presents the analysis of the estimates and conclusions contained in the publications of local historians 20’s and early 90’s. XX century, exploring the Bolsheviks’ participation in the election campaigns of local self-government in 1917. Strategy, tactics, municipal platform, the results of the elections, etc.

Keywords: municipal government, local government, elections, municipal program, strategy, results.

E.B. Bespyatova.
L.D. Trotsky and E.A. Preobrazhensky: the history of the evolution of   the economic theory of socialism.
Undertaken in the article comparative analysis of views on the NEP policy theorists of marxism and L.D. Trotsky E.A. Preobrazhensky, lets talk about the commonality of basic methodological approaches form the basis of the paradigm of the transition period. 

Keywords: NEP, the theory of socialism, economic policy, the transition period, government regulation, the mixed economy.


V.V. Semenov.
Planning of the history of «line» and «concenters»/ On the history issue.
The article provides a comparative analysis of linear and concentric history education. 

Keywords: linear and concentric system of education, cause-effect relationship, the base level and profi.


Uniform State Exam

T.V. Sharmanova.
Materials on the history of culture to prepare for the exam. Theme 5. Culture of Russia XIX — early XX century.
The article is told about the culture of Russia’s different periods of history: you find the tabl, the chronicle definiton’s and tests.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, the culture of Russia.

A.Y. Morozov.
Historical and geographical training for military operations on the Eastern Front in 1914-1916,. and the revolutionary events in February and October of 1917 in Russia.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

R.V. Pazin.
The task of the Uniform State Exam C8: features and performance evaluation.
The article provides analysis tasks on social C8. The examples of training tasks.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.


Young scientists’ works

.N.A. Ismailova.
The role of national culture in the education of young people.
The article deals with the problems and successes of regeneration and the role of national culture of Turkmenistan.

Keywords: Turkmenistan, national culture, spiritual and cultural potential.


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