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Actual theme: The First World War

N.D. Postnikov.
Gumbinnen battle.
The article describes in detail the course of Gumbinnen battle that took place at the beginning of the First World War, August 7/20, 1914. Revealed the military-strategic significance of the victory of Russian arms to the battlefield under Gumbinnen.

Keywords: war, Gumbinnen battle, victory.

A.N. Gudkov, O.N. Gudkova.
Questions about the history of the First World War.
The material contained questions on the history of the First World War.

Keywords: The First World War, questions, answers.


History and Society

A.Y. Morozov.
Urban estates government in Russia.
The article discusses the history and characteristics of the city government in the birth of the Russian Empire and modern ideas about the role of researchers in the life of the country.

Keywords: Российская империя, domestic policy, self-government.

V.D. Dugarov.
The theory of Eurasianism Genghis Khan and the state of the Russian Oriental studies at the beginning of the XXI century.
The article is devoted to transformation of Russian orientalist science in the XX-XXI centuries on problem «Rus-Mongols».

Keywords: mongolistik, nomadology, the Evrasists, Chingisids, the Golden Horde.

A.E. Pisarev.
«From the deft samopaly shoot …» Reconstruction of tactical actions infantry statutes XVII century.
The article is devoted to military training in Moscow musketeer regiments, personal training shooters and features of the Russian infantry fire fight XVII century.

Keywords: musket, matchlock, cock, fire-shooting, musketeer.



A.V. Shibanov.
Integrated lesson of history and physics in class XI.
The material is an integrated lesson of history and physics on the topic: «The achievements of Soviet space» in the 1950-1980-th years of the twentieth century.

Keywords: soviet space program, J.A. Gagarin, S.P. Ko-rolev, Baikonur.

N.A. Igoshevа.
Peace in the XIX century. A history lesson in X class.
The material is given to develop lessons on «Peace in the XIX century».

Keywords: history lesson, educational aspect, the world in the XIX century.


Uniform State Exam

T.V. Sharmanova.
Materials on the history of culture to prepare for the exam. Theme 3. Culture of Russia in the XVII century.
The article is told about the culture of Russia’s different periods of history: you find the tabl, the chronicle definiton’s and tests.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, the culture of Russia.

A.Y. Morozov.
Historical and geographical training in the First Russian Revolution and the Stolypin agrarian reform.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

M.V. Vinogradova.
The philosophy consolation or the technology of the problem training for the Russian state social science exam preparation (Task C 9).
This article describes the system of the lessons` preparation for the social science essays writing and is destined for X-XI forms students. The application of the technology of the problem training and the technology of the support notes (Shatalov`s methodic system) gives students the opportunity to make up their own opinion and hold their principles using diverse arguments.

Keywords: the technology of the problem training, heuristic conversation, support notes (Shatalov`s methodic system), Russian state social science exam, essays on social science.


Young scientists’ works

V.D. Anisimov, E.V. Bodrovа.
On the efficiency of the Soviet experience of the state’s industrial and scientific-technical policy.
The article discusses the main directions of Soviet industrial and research policy, to assess its effectiveness and results.

Keywords: industrial policy, scientific and technical policy, the military-industrial complex, planned economy, heavy industry, innovative system.

F.M. Arifullin.
S.P. Melgunov. A short biography.
The article deals with SP Melgunov, a prominent Russian historian, social and political activist, ideological fighter against Bolshevism.

Keywords: S.P. Melgunov, russian historian, the struggle against bolshevism, political activist, russian history.

P.G. Kim.
Prerequisites spread of Protestantism in Korea at the end of XIX century.
The spread of Protestantism in Korea at the end of the XIX century is characterized in this article. After analyzing of various sources it is shows the historical situation in Korea, created the conditions for the success of the American Protestant missions. The author explained an important role of American protestant missionaries in Korea’s modernization.

Keywords: USA, Korea, Protestantism, missionaries, evangelization.

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