Magazine’s content № 2 2010

Annotation #2, 2010

Actual theme: Games in teaching History and Society

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A.N. Ioffe. Games methodic in teaching. “Political propaganda” (an example of using role-playing game in teaching)

Article concerns theory and practice of role-playing game as educational tool.

Key words: propaganda, ideology, role-playing game.

T.V. Yakubovskaya. Role-playing game as method of formation of informational and legal competence of students

Abstract considers role-playing game as an effective method of formation of informational and legal competence.

Key words: juvenile justice, role-playing game.

L.N. Zhironkina. Simulation games in teaching political and legal themes

Article describes one type of pedagogic games – simulation games; with example of its organization.

Key words: political party, simulation games.

T.G. Shumilova. States rivalry and I World War (lesson – business-like game for 9th form)

Methodical development provides organization of game-type lesson.

Key words: international relations, role-playing game.

History and Society

A.V. Torkunov. Condition and purposes of modern Russian historical education

Article considers the role of teaching of history in school and university as the factor of formation of Russia’s identity and new Russian statehood.

Key words: teaching of history, Russia’s identity.

A.M. Smorchkov. Religion background of Roman Republic

The article is devoted to describe of religion life in Ancient Rome of pre-imperial epoch.

Keywords: Ancient Rome, religion, myths.

V.B. Perkhavko. Population of old Russia

Author analyses the ethnic and confessional components of old Russian population, which included the Eastern Slavs and non-Slavonic tribes, Christians and poganic people.

Key words: Ancient Russia, population, the Eastern Slavs, non-Slavonic tribes.

D.N. Konyshev. The Khrushchev agrarian reforms

Article analyses agrarian reforms of 1953–1964.

Keywords: agriculture, reforms, N.S. Khruschev.


A.H. Sabirova. Show of knowledge on theme “The reign of Ivan the Terrible”

Abstract provides organization of original multifunctional methodic of knowledge control.

Key words: control knowledge, the reign of Ivan the Terrible.

S.D. Marnov, I.L. Petrosyan. The program of elective course “History of religion” for high school

The example of program of elective course “History of religion” (10–11th forms, 68 h)

Key words: teaching the history of religion.

Uniform State Exam

S.A. Fomin. Schemes and tests on history of 16th century Russia.

This methodical development targets on training of pupils for part C of Integral testing. Authors develop the model of training based on schemes with short text comments.

Key words: scheme, symbols, Ivan the Terrible.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

O.V. Khonina. Human rights in 20th century Russia (summary lesson for 11th form)

Methodical development provides the organization of summary & refresh-type of lesson for high school

Key words: human rights, the history of Russia.

Young scientists’ works

L.R. Hut. Person in history: “chiefs of mass” in Modern history

Article devotes the problem of role of person in Modern history.

Key words: person in history, Modern history, Cromwell, Robespierre, Napoleon.

S.A. Bekmursaeva. Homeless children in Nizhnee Povolzhie (1917–1927)

The article is devoted to the practice of the solving of the homelessness in Nizhnee Povolzhie (Lower Volga Region) at the first decade of the Soviet power. The historical experience of the solving of the problems will allow to make a conclusion about the necessity of adoption of complex measures for decrease of the homelessness’ level in the crisis’s periods.

Key words: homeless child (waif), Nizhnee Povolzhie, Astrakhan gubernia, children’s home.

I.G. Ivantsov. Secrets of within the party work of VKP (b) in 1920–1930

Author of the article shoes conditions of top secrecy of within the party work which took place in the USSR in 1920–1930.

Key words: Communist party, control, top secrecy.

In journal:

  • Literature on using games on lesson and off-hour time
  • Between books and magazines: Coverage of general Russian history and Post-Soviet states in school history textbooks of new independent states.
  • News of science
  • Results of XV Conference of International Association “Developmental Education”
  • Annotations

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