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Actual theme: Higher historical education and science in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area — Yugra

S.N. Vasileva, V.I. Grebenyukov.
20 years of higher historical education in HMAO — Yugra: results and prospects.
The article reveals the emergence of history education as an example of the first higher education institution district.

Keywords: higher history education, training, priority lines.

M.A. Avimskaya, D.V. Kirilyuk.
The SurGU historical department: the way to the maturity.
This article is devoted to the history of SurGU historical department’s establishment.

keywords: history, university, pedagogical practice, conference, historical education, preparation of students, collection of articles.

V.V. Tsys, Y.G. Solodkin, L.V. Alekseeva, A.I. Prischepa.
Historical science in Ugra from amateur local history to the formation of scientific schools.
The article is devoted to the main directions and forms of scientific works in Ugra, summarizes the results of research activities.

Keywords: science, monograph, thesis, academic degree, the conference, local history, museums, conferences, publications department.


History and Society

О.Р. Tsys.
Four hundred years of Siberian Orthodoxy.
The article deals with the origin, evolution, guidelines and the results of the institutes of the Russian Orthodox Church in Siberia with the end of the XVI century to this day. Affected by the problem of the influence of Orthodoxy in the religious life of the Siberians.

Keywords: Siberia, the Russian Orthodox Church, missionerst of, diocese, parish clergy.

V.V. Tsys.
Labor armies during the Civil War.
This article examines the history and background created in Denmark, the main directions and results of industrial armies of the Civil War. Notes that the labor armies were an organic part of the policy of War Communism.

Keywords: Labor army, military communism, labor conscription, Civil War.

Y.G. Solodkin.
On some controversial issues, «Ermakov taking» of Siberia
The article deals with the problems of the expedition Ermak, launched joining Siberia to the Russian state. Used extant narrative and documentary sources.

Keywords: Siberian Khanate, Ermak, Kuchum, «taking» of Siberia in 1582, the sovereign governor of the expedition to the Urals in 1585–1587 years, Russian colonization of Siberia, the emergence of Asian Russia.

A.I. Prischepa.
Some of the contentious issues of history of the dissident movement in the USSR.
The article is the accumulation of historical knowledge about the development of the dissident movement in the USSR. It reflects the basic methodological conceptions of its study, presented controversial issues of periodization dissident opposition, formation and evaluation of political resistance to human rights defenders.

Keywords: dissident, opposition, human rights, democratic movement, protest, repression.

V.N. Zubov.
The Russian historiography of the mid 20th century on the integration processes in the Volga Region and Siberia in the mid 16thcentury (based on major capital publications).
The article reveals the formation of the Soviet historiography of official views on the integration process of the Lower and Middle Volga into Russia, and the Russian-Siberian relations in the mid XVI century.

Keywords: Eastern policy, «Kazan taking», «Selected Rada», S.V. Bakhrushin, S.O. Schmidt, G.K. Krasinski, I.I. Smir-nov, E.N. Kusheva.

R.Y. Solodkin.
The english diplomats’ memoris on the Russian army of the second half of the 16-th century (historiography aspects).
In the article the data of English «Rossika» about Russian military era of I. Grozny and B. Godunov in the message first British diplomats who visited Russia.

Keywords: Muscovy’s army, English memoirs on Russia, Jerome Horsey, Giles Fletcher, O.V. Skobelkin.

V.V. Mitrofanov.
Research interests SF Plato in the final stage of his work.
The article draws on new archival materials and observation of contemporary researchers, based on which the conclusion of the diversity of research interests of the outstanding Russian historian SF Platonov. Challenged the view that he was a historian only one topic — Time of Troubles.

Keywords: historiography, monograph, Ivan the Terrible’s epoch, Peter the Great’s reforms, history of Veliky Novgorod.

V.N. Yerokhin.
Contemporary approaches in the study of history of English Reformation.
The articles deals with the approaches practiced in the study of Reformation in England in contemporary British historiography. The main ideas and achievements of liberal and revisionist trends are considered.

Keywords: Reformation in England, contemporary British historiography, liberal trend, revisionist trend.

V.V. Poznahirev.
Turkish prisoners eyes of Russian children (late XIX — early XX century).
In the article the unique memories of child witnesses about their relations with the Turkish prisoners.

Keywords: Russian Empire, children, Turkish prisoners of war, ethnos & national relationships.


N.S. Salimova.
Development of a lesson to the class 6. Dedicated to the organization of tours Ermak to Siberia.
Metodic article of accession of Western Siberia to Russia.

Keywords: Siberia, Ermak, Tsar Ivan IV, military people.

S.V. Gorbunova.
Materials for lessons on «Entering the Kazakh lands to Russia».
The text includes the documents and materials that will help in-depth study of the process of accession of Kazakhstan to Russia.

Keywords: Kazakh Hordes, the accession by Kazakhstan to Russia, subjection, border conflicts.

T.M. Zahozhaja, N.V. Frolova.
Formation of historical concepts at pupils in multinational class.
The authors offer some recommendations for the creation of historical concepts in a multinational class.

Keywords: migrants, multinational classes, the learning of history, historical concepts.

Uniform State Exam

E.M. Petropavlovskaja.
KIM Uniform State Exam in history: the contradictions and problems.
The author analyzes the problems KIM Uniform State Exam in history.

Keywords: KIM, Uniform State Exam, conflict, the role of the teacher.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

O.A. Milevsky.
Narodnaya Volya» in the mirror of modern Russian historiography.
Article considers the Russian historiography of the end of the XX th beginning of XXI centuries, devoted to the analysis of activity of the revolutionary narodnichesky organization «Narodnaya Volya».

Keywords: historiography, liberation movement, populism, «Narodnaya Volya», terrorism, revolution, political struggle.

N.V. Sapozhnikova.
Epistolary heritage of Russia in the history of Russian culture XIX-XX centuries nachel (profile level X class).
Place and role of epistolary correspondence of contemporaries of the ХIХ — the beginning of ХХ centuriesare described in the context of study of problems of unique cultural heritage of Russia of «axial border» of native history.

Keywords: epistolarity, letter, epistolary rarity, epistolary heritage, epistolary «gene pool» of generations, handwritten culture of small personal forms.


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