Magazine’s content № 6 2012

Actual theme: Basics of religious cultures and secular ethics in schools

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E.V. Mezentsev.
Military leadership activities of P.I. Bagration in 1812
Author of the article with specific examples of military operations in 1812 urges the reader to the high level of skill generalship P.I. Bagration.

M.V. Korotkova.
Effect of 1812 on the life and everyday life of Russian society: materials for lessons
The article focused upon prominent personalityes epoch of Patriotic War of 1812, which influenced for Russian society mode of life and standed important stimulus of development Russian culture.

T.S. Minaeva.
The Continental Blockade as a stimulus and the brake of the Russian economy
The influence of the Continental Blockade on the economy of Russia is one of the controversial issues in modern historical science. History of the Russian North of this period — a typical example of the dual effects of the Continental Blockade for the development of Russian regions.

A.Y. Morozov.
Historical and geographical training in the War of 1812
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam.


History and Society

Rock Culture and the Russian Orthodox Church
This article is devoted to the relations between the Rock culture and The Russian Orthodox Church. The tendency of convergence of the two different phenomena the Rock culture and The Russian Orthodox Church is discussed in this paper.

L.I. Ivonina.
Marshal Villars
The acticle is devoted to the famous french Commander and Diplomat Marchall Claud Louis Hector Villars which became one of the few Generalissimos in a world history.


G.G. Levitas.
Educational technology for universal education
In article the problem of a divergence of a traditional technique of teaching of history with requirements of vsevobuch is put and ways of its decision are outlined.

D.M. Gulyanova.
Domestic policy of the Russian Federation in 2000–2008. Presidency of the V.V. Putin
During these lessons sounded official and unofficial results of the presidency of V.V. Putin. The author tries to give an objective assessment of the V.V. Putin.


Uniform State Exam

T.V. Sharmanova.
Preparation for the exam: War Russia in the mid XVI – the beginning of the XIX century
Thearticle provides a summary table of wars between Russia and the mid – XVI-th to early XX-th century, and test.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

M.V. Yudin.
The image of the MI Kutuzov in Soviet propagation
Article is devoted folding and development of an image of M.I.Kutuzov in the Soviet historiography.


Young scientists’ works

S.V. Pyshnograev.
Action by the Vladivostok cruiser detachment in periodicals 1904–1905
The article deals with one of the little-known pages of the history of Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905.


In Journal

  • Guidelines for obucheniiyu basics of religious culture and secular ethics in educational institutions of the Russian Federation
  • Interview with Chief Editor of the journal «Teaching History in Schools» with historian-researcher and author of books on the history of World War II, the candidate of historical sciences, A.V. Isayev.
  • Check your knowledge easily! (Gauging Materials publisher «Waco»)
  • Science News

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