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Actual theme: 1150-th of Russian statehood

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V.B. Perhavko.
Russian State beginning of the Middle Ages
The author reviewed the major milestones, and shape the evolution of the concept of Russian statehood for IX-XVII centuries.

P.V. Lukin.
Novgorod Veche
Based on a careful analysis of ancient and foreign written sources, the author analyzes the nature of the system veche Novgorod — medieval European country.

I.V. Kurukin.
The imperial state machine of the XVIII century
The author traces the emergence and evolution of the imperial structures of power in Russia during the XVIII century.

A.K. Sokolov.
The experience of the Soviet state
The article discusses the main milestones of Soviet origin and evolution of the soviet state machine.

History and Society

E.N. Lisina.
Images of Byzantium: greatness of the empire
Analyzed in the creation of literary and artistic form of the majestic image of the Byzantine Empire and the carriers of the supreme power, as well as a reflection of this process in medieval Russia.

L.P. Muromtseva.
Historical and cultural heritage of Russia in the representations of immigrants, the Eurasians
The author focuses on the ideological heritage of the Russian Eurasianism.

S.V. Pavlovskaja.
Memoirs of the XX century historians. and their relationship to the Soviet system of government
The significance of memoir complex associated with the large Russian historians of the XX century, as an important historical source.

A.V. Isaev.
The phenomenon of the greatest tank battle: the problems of interpretation, and statistics
The article analyzes the huge tank battle of World War II, which occurred in June and early July 1941 in Ukraine.


A.N. Joffe.
Patriotism and its examples in the history of Russia
Develop lessons on patriotic themes, based on interdisciplinary connections.

E.K. Kalutskaja.
The state as an object of study in social studies lessons
The different forms of learning activities to build a comprehensive picture of the state.

I.A. Porfirieva, N.V. Makarova.
The organization of training activities in the study of the «Russian Truth»
The authors share their experience of the organization of work in the classroom with an important historical source — the «Russian truth».

Uniform State Exam

E.N. Belsky.

Table summarizing the history of the USSR in 1945-1991 years
Study the table to prepare for the uniform state exam and the GIA, as well as the organization of work in the classroom.

A.Y. Morozov.
Historical and geographical training in Russia’s foreign policy in the second half of the XVII-XVIII centuries (generalizing the maps and jobs)
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the uniform state exam and the GIA.

Young scientists’ works

 N.A. Alexanyan.
The theoretical arguments basing of class fighting and victory of communism during the Civil War (by press release)
In the article shows how the Soviet publications during the Civil War reflected the spiritual uplift, sincere belief in the possibility to build a «paradise on Earth».

I.G. Ivantsov.
Control over private business and trade (late 1920-1930 years)
The article deals with the activities of the party-state control of the Soviet Union in the field of trade and consumer services in general.


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  • Literature on Russian statehood
  • On the 90th formation of the USSR

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