Magazine’s content № 4 2012

Actual theme: The history of «homeland»

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M.G. Bulavintseva.
Experience in the development of local history textbooks for primary school students (for example, the Sakhalin Region).
The experience of a textbook on the history of a particular region of Russia — Sakhalin Island

O.V. Gugnina.
The study of regional history in high school (the experience of the Orenburg region).
The author examines the work of local history material in the schools of the Orenburg region

N.S. Tseplyaeva.
Studying the history of his native land in the schools of the Magadan region.
We study the experience of studying the history of the region in the Magadan region

N.N. Idatchikov, L.I. Idatchikova.
Conducting a local historical research using Internet capabilities.
A specific example (the fate of a soldier who was killed in the Afghan war) shows the organization of the collection of information through the Internet and the effect of this teaching activity

T.V. Batorgina.
Experience of teaching Area Studies at boarding school.
The author shares his experiences working on the study of regional history in a boarding school 

History and Society

T.V. Chernikova.
Military foreigners on the Russian service in the XVI century.
The article is devoted to an examination of a question of the use of different western experts on the Russian military service in the end of XV — XVI century

K.V. Fokin.
Field Marshal Munnich: a historical portrait and analysis of the actions in the context of the era.
The K.V. Fokin’s article «Field Marshal Munnich» is regarded biography and acts of B.H. Munnich, and offers the author’s opinion as to the personality of the field marshal, and to the rest of his era

A.V. Gornostaev.
Events in August 1991 in the Soviet Union through the eyes of American eyewitnesses.
The article is devoted to the issue of perception, interpretation and evaluation of the events of August 1991 in the Soviet Union by American witnesses

E.I. Rabekina.
The origins of the modern and the guest of table etiquette.
Showing the origins of Russian and guest of table etiquette, its features

L.V. Budkina.
On the legal socialization of students in secondary vocational education updates.
This article discusses the legal socialization of students as a major factor in the formation of the new Russian society, explores new educational programs of secondary vocational education.


A.N. Makarov.
Using the Film and Photo on history lessons (for example, the history of Soviet industrialization.)
The article shows a concrete example of the possibility of using Film and Photo in school history education

E.V. Andreeva.
The peoples of Russia in XVI-XVII centuries — brothers or foreigners? (a history lesson in class VII).
Methodical development studies on interethnic relations in Russia in XVI-XVII centuries

Uniform State Exam

I.A. Arthasov.
Features of assessment assignments C3-C5 on the history of GIA in 2012.
The article concerns the peculiarities of assessment tasks of C3-C5 of Part 3 Examination of the GIA in 2012

S.A. Fomin.
Working with the concepts and terms in preparation for the exam.
Training in historical terms and concepts to prepare for the uniform state exam

A.Y. Morozov.
Historical and geographical training on domestic policy of Catherine II.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and GIA


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  • Regional and local history in the federal measure
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