Magazine’s content № 9 2011

Actual theme: «Modern History of Russia: the beginning»

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N.N. Ivashinenko, S. Morozkina, D. Strelkov
Problems of teaching the modern history of Russia
The article deals with the problem prerodavaniya Russia’s recent history.

S.A. Gabrusevich
Perceptions of the 1990-th, social networking audience
The article tries to analyze the perception of the first decade of the history of the Russian Federation in the Russian blogosphere.

History and Society

E.E. Vyazemsky
Studying the history of the 1990-th in the context of the formation of historical memory
The article assesses the difficulties of historical memory formation at the turn of two epochs.

O.N. Tikhonova

About the benefits and harms the development of historical science in society
This article contains reflections on the social role of historical scholarship in various stages of development.


A.N. Joffe
Teaching of Modern Russian History: Tradition and Innovation
Article is devoted to teaching the modern history of Russia in the framework of educational projects «The history of modern Russia» and «Lessons of ninety».

N.F. Kritskaya
The collapse of the USSR (a lesson in class IX)
The author gives a method of teaching about the collapse of the Soviet Union.

O.J. Radchenko
Ownership rights and intellectual property rights (a lesson in high school)
Material devoted to the development of legal culture of high school.

A.V. Shubin

Training scheme for the February revolution
The article contains educational schemes for the February revolution in graphic form.

Uniform State Exam

E.N. Belsky
Preparing for the final certification of the State on the history of the Russian Federation in the 1990s
The article presents the concept of training to complete the final certification of the State on the history of the Russian Federation in the 1990s.

A.Y. Morozov
Historical and geographical training in the era of Peter the Great
Geographically-oriented training in history.

Young scientists’ works

V.E. Bagdasarian
Service history – a missing component of a school textbook
The author gives an estimate of service sector in economic structure of the employed population, and indicates an underestimation of the service in the training process.

V.A. Kornev
Russian Orthodox Church in the socio-political system of modern Russian society
The article dwells on the problems of participation of the Russian Orthodox Church (both the clergy and laymen) in domestic policy issues and social life in contemporary Russia. article focused upon educational activity of Russian Orthodox Church during the last 20 years, its forms and methods as well as the attempt of possible cooperation with state in this sphere.


E.E. Koltanovskaya
Tenth All-Russia competition of teachers lesson on «The history of political repression and unfreedom of resistance in the USSR”»
The publication provides information on the All-Russian contest the teacher conducting the Public Centre. A.D. Sakharov.

In Journal

  • Column Chief Editor
  • Round table on «Modern History of Russia: peculiarities of understanding and teaching»
  • About «Lessons 1990-th»
  • On teaching the history of the 1990s, the web of creative teachers
  • Books for the project «Lessons of 1990-th»

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