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Actual theme: the First All-Russian Congress of Teachers of History and Social Studies

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Resolution of the First All-Russian Congress of teachers of history and social studies (draft).

T.V. Koval
Teachers Congress as a mirror of the problems of history education.
The article assesses the results of the congress of teachers of history and social.

L.A. Katsva
«Ruler»or «concenters»? (Reflections on the Congress and after the congress).
The article assesses the results of the congress of teachers of history and social.

P.P. Pankin
The evolution of school assessment and the possibility of transition to a cumulative score.
The article is devoted to options knowledge assessment of pupils at the school.

History and Society

V.B. Perhavko
The essence and evolution of Russian serfdom.
The author gives an estimate and the evolution of serfdom in Russia.

A.V. Belov

Reform of Catherine II and the Russian city: governance and self-government.
Material focuses on changes in urban life of public institutions and ordinary citizens during the reforms of Ecaterina II.

E.L. Suzdalcev

Reflection of historical memory in the arms of municipalities.
The material given the history of cities in the coats of arms, are illustrations and examples.

O.N. Naumov
On the limits of genealogical knowledge: we need a science «familistika»?
Material Sciences is dedicated to genealogy and «familistika».


E.M. Ugolev
Lessons of «Living History».
The author presents a historical reenactment as a way of studying history.

Uniform State Exam

S.A. Fomin
Schemes and targets for domestic and foreign policy of Nicholay I.
This methodical development targets on training of pupils for part C of Uniform State Exam. Author develops the model of training based on schemes with short text comments.

A.Y. Morozov
Historical and geographical training in history.
Geographically-oriented training in history.

V.B. Golubinskaya
Preparation for CT of the social studies at the appointed time.
Methodical preparation of the of Uniform State Exam.


Generalizes the poem and set on the history of Russia

Young scientists’ works

A.V. Provorniy
The newspaper «New Era» in the debate on the noble subject.
The author gives an estimate of the Russian nobility. Nobility as a class issue in the XIX-th century.

S.I. Efremov
«aristocratic salon» in the NEP period (according to the memoirs of ex-nobles).
The article deals with socio-cultural aspects of life ex-nobles in Russia in the first years after the revolution and the period of the NEP.

S.V. Vtulkin
Senior managers Stalinist call (V.M. Molotov, L.P.Beria, G.M. Malenkov).
This article describes advancement to the higher political power Stalin,s collaboraters – B.M. Molotov, L.P. Beria and G.M. Malenkov.

U.V. Kopylov

Patriotic school and tourist education.
The article looks into the genesis of tourism education in Russia and its integration with national school.

In Journal

  • Column Chief Editor
  • Sad reflection on the Congress, or officials «run» history education
  • Problems of school history teaching at the IV Social Pedagogical Forum in St. Petersburg
  • News of Science
  • Journal’ info
  • The life of Russian peasants before the Emancipation Reform of 1861 (New book by B.N. Mironov and polemic around it)

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