Magazine’s content № 2 2011

Actual theme: Teaching History in High School

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A.A. Danilov. History in new standard of general secondary education: discussions and perspectives.
Article considers key settings of standard of general secondary education in relation of History and expected results of its realization.
Keywords: standards & programs, high school.

T.N. Durasova. Debates on theme «The Collapse of the Soviet Union was inevitability» in Karl Popper’ format.
Methodical development targets on organization of debates on theme «The Collapse of the Soviet Union was inevitability».
Keywords: USSR, high school, games.

S.A. Rafikova. History and culture of everyday life: the experience of integrating research and teaching.
Article focuses on the implementation of the scientific project «Living history: people’s memoirs». Universal and provides recommendations for using the memoirs method in the innovation teaching courses in Russian history and culture of everyday life.
Keywords: USSR, manners, oral history, projects.

History and Society

E.E. Vyazemsky. Historical policy as an instrument of interconnection between professional historiography and collective memory.
Article analyzes the problem of using historical science as a tool for formation of collective memory.
Keywords: theory and methodology of history, domestic policy, ideology.

L.A. Zhukova. Russian merchant class: status and socio-cultural features.
Abstract considers the history of Russian merchant class, its status and cultural features and manners.
Keywords: social structure, material culture, manners.

V.B. Stolov. Fleet in Russo-Japanese War.
Article concerns main features of Russian fleet and its participation in Russo-Japanese War 1904–19055.
Keywords: Russian Empire, soldiery

L.M. Muromtseva. Patriotic activities of Russian post revolutionary emigration.
Material devotes to patriotic activities of Russian post revolutionary emigration and methods of preservation of historical memories.
Keywords: emigration, patriotism, sentience.


A.Y. Morozov, E.N. Abdulaev. Alternate oriented program on History.
Material represents fundamental principles and structure formation elements of alternate oriented program on History.
Key words: standards & programs, secondary school.

Uniform State Exam

E.N. Belsky. Training on the history of 20th century for State Resultant Attestation in new form for 9th form.
In article presents the conception of training for State Resultant Attestation for 9th form (with examples).
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, Russian Empire.

S.A. Fomin. Schemes and tests on Russian history of 1725–1801 for training for part C of Uniform State Exam.
This methodical development targets on training of pupils for part C of Uniform State Exam. Author develops the model of training based on schemes with short text comments.
Key words: scheme, symbols, Russian Empire, Uniform State Exam.

A.Y. Morozov. Historical & geographical training on early history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Grand Duchy of Moscow.
Geographical oriented training on early history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Grand Duchy of Moscow.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Young scientists’ works

A.P. Tsareva. Motives of entering into a marriage among English nobility in XVIII century.
Article considers motives which induced English nobles to enter into a marriage in XVIII century on the basis of correspondence and literary sources.
Keywords: Modern history, manners.

Ivantsov I.G. Party control in fighting against drunkenness between communists (1920’s – early 1930’s).
Abstract considers the problem of heavy drunkenness between members of Russian Communist party and antialcoholism campaign of 1920’s – early 1930’s.
Keywords: USSR, manners.

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  • Abstracts from Federal state educational standard of general secondary education;
  • News of Science.

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